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Align Your Life: Get Out of Your Own Way and Create a Life You Love
A Personal Transformation Book to Reach Happiness
By Kim Ryder Posted in Non-fiction 7 min read
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The book you are reading arose from my love of teaching and helping people consciously align with their true self, and a meaningful purpose. For many years I’ve been helping people to get out of their own way, so they can align their life with what they truly want. Many of these people struggled with limiting beliefs and one-sided perceptions, therefore, blocking themselves from creating happy, peaceful, and purposeful states of mind.

Align Your Life was written to help people be more effective in creating a loving, joyous, peaceful, and fulfilling life. This book has evolved into a truly meaningful guide that integrates new concepts, processes, and practical tools that can be applied to help people of all ages. If you have been seeking a way to consciously self-direct your life in a way you are truly meant to live, your search is over.

Aligning your life means to connect with your authentic self and principle powers that will guide you in the direction of what is truly important to you. You will learn how to connect with your true self at a deep level, clearly refine what you truly want, reveal the secret power of why, define your goals and realize them.

You will be given the tools and techniques to identify and overcome the obstacles and challenges in your path to attaining your desired goals. You’ll learn how to release the emotional roadblocks that distract you from what you want to accomplish. These include past regrets, guilts, resentments, fear of failure, grief, loss, and other stressful limiting emotions. You will be empowered to overcome these obstacles and align your life the way you really want it to be.

Throughout Align Your Life, there are powerful insights and effective processes to explore. You will gain understanding about doing what you love and inspiration for living life with purpose and meaning. Furthermore, in breaking through your fears, confusion, and distractions, you can become clear about what you would love to contribute and dedicate your life to. You will learn empowering affirmations that, when practiced consistently, will begin to change your mind for success. This will build your confidence and clarity and align your thoughts, words, and actions with what you want to create.

I believe we are all born with a divine purpose, and when we align our lives with that purpose, we can accomplish extraordinary things and live exceptional lives. Your unique purpose is fuel for your life. It is your gateway to fulfillment that aligns the universe to unfold in miraculous ways so that new opportunities appear and new doors open as if by magic. One thing for certain, we all have to travel our own path to wisdom.

Magic happens when you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your true self, unique values, and purpose. The healing methods in this book stem from the idea that everything you need to heal is already within you, blocked only by your own self-imposed limits. You are about to learn how to remove those limits.

This book is a guide to help you connect with your magnificent self, unique gifts, qualities, and abilities. My intention is to help you master the art of getting out of your own way, so you can align yourself with what you want to create in your life. We are creating a vibrational alignment with what you truly want.

You are going to learn a lot of great things about yourself. Make sure to do the exercises and activities that create a personal experience and understanding. You are going to be delighted with what you are about to develop in yourself. Congratulations on taking this step to aligning yourself with the life you love and deserve.

Love, light, and peace

Chapter 1
Authentic Connections

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

— C.G. Jung

Activate a State of Self-Awareness

You are the single most important person in your world, and you have the most impact and influence on your life. It is beneficial to realize that everything in your life flows from the quality of your relationship with yourself. Your essence relates to an awareness of your intrinsic nature and your unique qualities. Allowing yourself to express your essence, the core of who you really are empowers personal growth.

People that don’t understand how valuable and important they are tend to get stuck operating from conditioned behaviors, beliefs, and an old identity that dictates the outcome and results they get in their life. In other words, they live from a version of reality that limits their potential. This results in living a life of fantasy and illusion. By having this self-awareness of your true nature, you create a state of being conscious of your own individuality, feelings, emotions, motives, and desires.


Loving yourselfis at the heart of experiencing authentic connections. Not everybody was taught how to love themselves growing up. It’s hard when you don’t have a self-loving role model.

I personally had to learn how to lovingly connect with myself, and it took many years to do it. There were decades of family conditioning and beliefs that had large cables attached that I needed to break free from. I had to unlearn the constant seeking for love and approval outside of myself and let go of feelings of not good enough. My search for unconditional love was over when I realized everything I needed in the way of love was inside of me already. The love was already there, and I realized that I am full of love, and you have everything you need inside of you too.

The beginning of my self-love journey was when I started a consistent practice of yoga and meditation. During this time, I integrated many other healing methods to support the flow of self-love. I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to lovingly connect to your authentic self. The rewards of self-love are many.

Self-Love Exercise

Right now, close your eyes and connect to your heart and ask yourself, “What do I need?”, and “How can I be more loving to myself”? Write your answers down in your inspirational journal.

Self-love is loving every part of yourself unconditionally, warts and all, every wrinkle, as well as the flabby bits. But it’s not easy at first. There may be times when it feels impossible, especially if you have a negative self-image that needs to change.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and only see and say negative things, you are talking directly to your subconscious mind, which is sending messages to your body, conditioning your central nervous system and your body to react and respond accordingly. What you think about, you bring about! That’s how you condition your mind. Your subconscious mind is a storehouse for the experiences you don’t want or try to avoid. By changing what you express about yourself, you change the way you communicate and treat yourself.

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