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A Haunting Murder Mystery Novel 

Chapter Three On the top row of the splintered bleachers at Booker T. Washington High School, David Tilson, one of the city’s brightest students and, thanks to his parents’ role in business, politics and social life, one of Shelby County’s most well-known sons, clenched  his fists. David was only sixteen and already in the twelfth […]

By Denise Turney Posted in Fiction on June 20, 2022 20 min read Continue reading
Love As A Way Of Life

A Self Help Book For Those Seeking A Commitment To Love

Stay Open To Love “Love is the gate to all good things.”  Love is not an object that you can hold. It’s not cloth that you can pull close, taking in its scent. Even better, love is not something that you can see. What you can do is feel love. There are times when you […]

By Denise Turney Posted in Non-fiction on January 26, 2022 9 min read Continue reading
Pathways To Tremendous Success

A Weekly Devotional

There is no better time to start designing a remarkable life for yourself than right now. Week 1 – Identify and Remember Your Primary Goal Your primary goal takes precedence over all other aims that you have. This goal will remain unchanged throughout your physical experience. Set a goal that aligns with your core values […]

By Denise Turney Posted in Non-fiction on December 8, 2021 7 min read Continue reading

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