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Keith J. Beasley
Keith J. Beasley
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Fairy 'Fro: Floats with Flows

New Adult African-American Superhero Fiction

Introduction They call me Fairy ’Fro with the flow You know, I’m not slow but fast as a ball swished in a basket No caskets, no askin’ for a man to tell what happened How I got the hairstyle putting criminals in piles It’s my style with a pow from my fist hard as bricks […]

By Keith J. Beasley Posted in Fiction on June 19, 2021 17 min read Continue reading
Bone Flake: A Poetic Maniac

A Young Adult Superhero Thriller

Introduction From ultimate zero to hero, a former uppity negro Raised in a two-parent household with an alter ego First name Bone, last name Flake Still a Black man who can’t catch a break False accusations and corny handshakes He made a mistake Hanging with the wrong crowd, then hearing the bullet sound Lost a […]

By Keith J. Beasley Posted in Fiction on December 7, 2020 5 min read Continue reading

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