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Bobo The Gazelle
Modern Fantasy Epic Poems
By Kmac El Bey Posted in Fiction 11 min read
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Bobo The Gazelle

by Kmac El Bey

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As Bobo gets thrown back
A crocodile proceeds to attack
Everyone watches in awe
As their strongest gazelle is now inside a croc’s jaws

As more crocs swim over to feed
A path across the elders see
They tell everyone to cross, “Now is the time!
Hurry while the big lizards are occupied!”

One by one, the gazelle cross
They all make it over! But still were at a loss…
Everyone mourned for Aki The Great
At Bobo they all cringed their face

The herd has had it with his careless mistakes
Too many times has he altered their fate
The elders gathered together a plan
And this time gave Bobo a permanent ban.

From their new grasslands he was ordered to leave
His mother was distraught and displeased, “How could this be?”
They advised her to stay and said her son was a disgrace
Because of him they lost their pact and Aki The Great

Mama Gazelle said she will never abandon her seed
And the elders replied, “So it shall be.”
The herd Bobo no longer was welcome inside
And he left with his mother, by his side…

Bobo traveled with his mother in dampen spirits
With no protection in a vicious wilderness
They were silent between each other, no one said a word
Their journey was fearful without the herd

Bobo The Gazelle finally decided to speak
“Mama why did you stay with me?
For I am clumsy, and I am weak
People always end up hurt that are close to me.”

“None of that matters Bobo, you are my son
Your strengths and weaknesses will never sway my love
My duties to you are to always provide
So I’ll be by your side as long as I’m alive.”

Happy was Bobo once again
To have a mother, a teacher, and a friend
He thanked his mama and gave her a big hug
And said, “I hope our love never ends.”

“It will never end Bobo even when I’m gone
But if I do go Bobo, you must be strong.”
She sang little Bobo a beautiful song
And they laid together and rested all night long.

Bobo The Gazelle rose up the next day
Full of energy, laughter, and wanting to play
His mother watched with an endearing smile
As her happy little Bobo ran wild

Bobo went to the pond for a drink
To wash his face, and wash himself clean
Bobo got out and noticed on the hill above
Sitting idle watching were 3 cheetah cubs.

Bobo noticed they were around the same age
So naively Bobo shouted, “Do you want to play?”
As he began to prance their way
His mama shouted, “NO BOBO RUN AWAY!!”

Below the hill, in the tall grass
Emerges Mama Cheetah sprinting after Bobo fast
Bobo tried to flee but was no match for her speed
She locks her claws around Bobo with ease.

The cheetah has Bobo pinned to the ground
From the hilltop the cubs finally come down
She kept Bobo alive for her children to train
The cubs approach Bobo and say, “This is how we play.”

As Bobo tried to run away they swept at his feet,
Pounced on his back, and bit with their teeth
Mama Cheetah approached to finish the job and said playtime was over
But before she could bite Bobo, Mama Gazelle charged her with her shoulders.

Mama Cheetah fell to the ground stunned
All of her cubs are frightened and run
Mama Gazelle lifted Bobo up and said,
“It is time for you to go my son.”

Bobo pleaded for Mama to come too
But Mama replied, “That is something I cannot do
She may have me in her jaws
But I won’t dare let her have you too.

“It is time Bobo, here she comes!
Don’t you look back and continue to run!
Remember what I said, be strong my love
I will always watch over you from above.”

The cheetah began to approach with a gaze oh so mean
Bobo fulfilled his mother’s final command as tears began to stream
As her last breath was being squeezed out of her lungs
Mama Gazelle kept her eyes etched on her son…

Bobo The Gazelle was now all alone
Heartbroken knowing that Mama was now gone
No place to go, no place to call home
But he must move forward, he must remain strong

It was hard for Bobo to overcome the hurt
“What’s wrong with me, I must be cursed!”
He’s lost everything that he was fond of
Poor Bobo, when will he ever be loved.

Thinking back on all that’s happened in his life
Tears start to pour
But something was on Bobo’s trail
He had no time to mourn

Bobo was on alert
From the swift movement in the grass
Charging towards little Bobo
Was a raging warthog set to attack.

Bobo once again was running for his life
And the warthog was not letting up
But as it was chasing Bobo The Gazelle
A pack of wild dogs grabbed the pig up

Bobo turned around and watched
As on the warthog the dogs began to chew
Some laid their eyes on Bobo The Gazelle
Then the pack split into two.

Bobo fearfully ran away
With wild dogs at his hip
Unaware of what was lying ahead
He tumbles down a rocky cliff

The dogs had no desire to see the same fate
They decided to leave little Bobo be
Bobo limped over to a shady rock
Just hoping to finally get some sleep.

Bobo The Gazelle rose the next day
And slowly opened his eyes
A flurry of vultures were surrounding Bobo
They shouted, “He’s alive!”

They threatened to follow him everywhere he went
Claimed he wouldn’t last through the week
They told him to eat lots of healthy grass
So he’s real fat when it’s time to eat.

Bobo The Gazelle stood up to his feet
Determined and real strong
Confidently he said, “I will live long
And all you vultures are wrong

I’ve made it this far
And I will survive the wilderness
Words will not break my spirit
Especially by cowards who scavenge.”

The vultures mocked, “At least we’re not prey!”
Then angrily they flew away
Bobo got himself together
And proceeded to go on his way

Vegetation was scarce
So he ate what he was able
Fortunate to be alive
Bobo was very thankful.

Bobo The Gazelle was walking down the trail
Bobo The Gazelle has been through hell
Abandoned from the herd, cheated death many of times
But Bobo The Gazelle still prevailed

As Bobo The Gazelle was all alone
He heard a bunch of screams and moans
Bobo curiously followed the sound
In order to see what was wrong.

When Bobo finally came close
A wounded lion was whom he approached
He asked the lion if he was okay
Then it responded, “LEAVE before I slice your throat!”

Little Bobo ran in fear
But he still had a loving heart
He gathered all the herbs he could find
For a remedy to heal the lion’s body parts.

Bobo The Gazelle approached the lion hesitantly
Claimed that he could heal his wounds
He kept his distance but cared for the lion
For six suns and seven moons

He told him stories, sharpened his claws,
Even stole from predators to bring him food
The lion did nothing but threaten him
But Bobo still stuck around which left the lion confused.

He hasn’t seen this from prey in all his days
Reminds him of a feeling he felt before he was cast away
Still, he thought him a fool even though he was brave
“Does he really expect me to change my ways?”

The lion having recovered from all his wounds
Stood up tall and strong.
Bobo asked if they could still be friends
But the lion responded, “Leave me alone!”

Bobo The Gazelle was once again alone
He and the lion went their separate ways
Sad about the separation, himself he blamed
His spirit was low and lame, he cried for many days

As Bobo The Gazelle was mourning
He heard movement in the grass
He stopped, stood still, and looked back
A lioness jumped out ready to attack!

Bobo The Gazelle ran for his life,
But was overwhelmed by the bloodthirsty pride
He stopped, closed his eyes, and accepted his demise
But when the lioness leaped, someone struck her from the side

When Bobo opened his eyes
He was marveled at what he saw
His lion friend stood in front of him
And the pride he defeated them all!

There were a lot of growls and slashing
The lion added more to his collection of scars
Bobo thought he’d never see him again
But really he was always watching from afar

The lion turned around and asked if he was okay
But Bobo laid down frightened and tucked his tail
The lion turned around and his heart dropped as well
Two approaching, roaring pride males.

He turned around and looked at Bobo The Gazelle
Ironically with a grin
He says, “Thanks for healing me,
Showing me love, and giving me a purpose to live.”

Bobo says, “Thanks for protecting me
I wished our friendship didn’t have to end.”
The lion laughed and responded,
“The soul never dies, we’ll meet again, my friend.”

Bobo The Gazelle hugged the lion
And hurriedly ran away
He kept moving forward and never looked back
Tears were streaming down his face

The lion lifted his head up high
And let off one last mighty roar
He fought with honor all the way till the end…until his life was no more…

Bobo The Gazelle’s travail was supreme
So much heartache from all he’s seen
He looked up towards the sky and screamed

He walked despondent alongside the Nile
In a tree watching was a wise owl
She told Bobo to pick his head up
“You got a long life to live, there’s no time to give up.”

“What’s the point in living if I can’t find love?
Why am I despised by the one up above?
I’m so useless, yet I still remain.”
Then the owl said, “Shut up Bobo and hear what I have to say

Sometimes you must hurt in order to know
And sometimes you must fall in order to grow
Sometimes you must lose in order to gain
Because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain.”

“Wise owl tell me what have I gained
Cause all I’ve seemed to gain is more pain.”
“Only time will tell, only time will reveal
Only time is passing by, and only time will heal

Sometimes we are blinded to our purpose in life
Even though our purpose may be plain as day
Everything happens for a reason Bobo
And there is a reason you are still alive today.”

The wise owl said its wise words
Flew away and left Bobo be
A happy feeling came upon Bobo’s spirit
But was still left confused as can be

As Bobo walked alongside the stream
A jackal mugged him sinisterly
He threatened to watch Bobo’s every move
And let him know, “If you snooze, yah lose.”

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