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Changing Negative Self-Talk and Setting Boundaries

A Self-Care and Stress Management Non-fiction

Examples You’ve seen some short illustrations here and there, but now I turn to longer examples of setting boundaries. Perhaps you’ll relate to some of these situations and can apply them to your own life. I focus mainly on setting boundaries at work, dating, and with family members. At the end, there is a chance […]

By Jacqueline Corcoran Posted in Non-fiction on January 20, 2022 9 min read Continue reading
Meditations: Aspirations and Reflections for a Happier Life (Meditation and Mindfulness Journals Book 1)

Meditation and Mindfulness for Spiritual Thinkers

Introduction Meditation. Meditation is this great phenomenon that has blown up in popularity, scholarship, and practice in the past several decades. You can go into any book store and find dozens of books on meditation or mindfulness. It is often overwhelming in trying to find the “perfect” book on meditation and mindfulness. In reality, there […]

By Quang Tri Posted in Non-fiction on December 25, 2021 7 min read Continue reading
No Country for Christ (Vol 1)

A Christian Poetry Book About Faith and Religion

I look at myself and I see the world… That’s the goal… the world Love has no color Color has options How bad is it? It’s time to become unstuck Do you want it The Water???????????????????????????????????????????????? Did you know all religion starts out as a cult, and if it survives a decade, it than becomes […]

By Winter Jade Flowers-Olowofela Posted in Non-fiction on December 13, 2021 3 min read Continue reading
Pathways To Tremendous Success

A Weekly Devotional

There is no better time to start designing a remarkable life for yourself than right now. Week 1 – Identify and Remember Your Primary Goal Your primary goal takes precedence over all other aims that you have. This goal will remain unchanged throughout your physical experience. Set a goal that aligns with your core values […]

By Denise Turney Posted in Non-fiction on December 8, 2021 7 min read Continue reading
The Intriguing Case of the Fulfilled Teachers: Unfold Strategies for a More Effective Teaching and Add More Meaning to Your Career

Personal Development for Teachers

Introduction Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching. It is the most rewarding and most important job of all the jobs in the world. It can also be one of the most challenging. This book and your peers will walk with you as you take the first step into the journey of a thousand miles. […]

By Tony Jon Posted in Non-fiction on December 6, 2021 8 min read Continue reading
The Heroic and Exceptional Minority

A Guide to Mythological Self-Awareness and Growth

The Mythological Concept of a Hero in Real Life The concept of a hero represents the overcoming of odds, adversaries, and adversities to accomplish something of deep personal importance. His quest is always to become an ever-better embodiment of his values, and, in doing so, he changes the very world itself to be more like […]

By Gregory Diehl Posted in Non-fiction on November 15, 2021 12 min read Continue reading
The Way of Being

A Spiritual Self-help Book

Introduction – The Way of being It felt like the beginning of the end of times. It felt like the world was yearning for a new start. A new beginning built with a new morality for the living. The human spirit was about to be challenged again, and the challenge this time was a real […]

By Joseph Knecht Posted in Non-fiction on October 19, 2021 19 min read Continue reading
Change (the) Management: Why We as Leaders Must Change for the Change to Last

A Management Insight Into Organizational Changes

Introduction Imagine for a minute a change management consultant pitching her services to an organization threatened by a competitor or new technology. She tells her audience that the changes they want are indeed achievable and that she has the best tools, training, and technology for the job. She shows an outstanding track record of ushering […]

By Al Comeaux Posted in Non-fiction on September 3, 2021 7 min read Continue reading
Hysterical Memories

A Unique Memoir from One of UK's Finest Chefs of All Time 

Chapter One It was a bright sunny morning. The cups and plates my mum was throwing at my dad smashed against the kitchen wall as she screamed her head off and pushed over the kitchen furniture. There was smashed glass everywhere. To me, standing there as a young child only a few years old, it […]

By Eugene Wallace Posted in Non-fiction on August 11, 2021 15 min read Continue reading
Hey! I Could Use a Little Help Here! My Story of Healthcare Workplace Violence

A Honest Insight into the Everydays of Nursing 

Chapter 1 Lynne Sausse Truxillo, RN October 13, 1962 ~ April 11, 2019 This chapter is dedicated to the memory of Lynne Sausse Truxillo, RN, who died on April 11, 2019 from injuries sustained during a patient assault while on duty at Baton Rouge General Hospital. While my family was engaging in wedding festivities and […]

By June Zanes Garen Posted in Non-fiction on July 8, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
How to Buy a House

Vital Real Estate Strategy for the First Time Home Buyer

1: THE DREAM OF HOME OWNERSHIP It was a summer day in 1982 and friends Rowdy and Angela were spending the night in the Bank of America parking lot in south Colorado Springs, Colorado. They arrived right after work with their sleeping bags and lawn chairs and joined a line of people already there, waiting […]

By Yvonne Aileen Posted in Non-fiction on June 28, 2021 6 min read Continue reading
A Love Attempt: Your Practical Guide to Love

An Inspirational Advice Book About Love

Introduction I have thought about love so much it has become my obsession. I am convinced that defining love is a task so important that if I succeed at it, my life will have been worthwhile. Love has been my life’s ultimate answer—when life is good, of course, but especially during the difficult times. Love […]

By Morhaf Al Achkar Posted in Non-fiction on June 25, 2021 17 min read Continue reading
The Road to Happy Is Not One Way

A Personal Self-Help Memoir and Workbook

I spent so much of my life just hiding the truth from everyone that the lies themselves became more hurtful than some of my actual actions. Mental health is not something anyone ever talked about in my childhood. Even in high school, we had home economics, tech classes, sex education, but never once did a […]

By Sara Glashagel Posted in Non-fiction on June 2, 2021 11 min read Continue reading
Making Marks: Musings of a Curious Mind

An Anthology of Life Stories

Why Weight I am in an abusive relationship. It is one I cannot control, and from which I cannot escape. Nor do I want to. I am aware of the damage. The endless cycle of harm, misuse and guilt. That inevitable promise of it never happening again, this will be the last time, I love […]

By Delia Pring Posted in Non-fiction on June 1, 2021 15 min read Continue reading
Whole Heart: One Woman's Incredible and Heartbreaking Journey from Africa to America

A Inspiring Woman's Memoir

FOREWORD I am grateful for the opportunity to tell my story, and to you, reader, for listening. It took me a great while to find the courage to put my experiences and the related emotions into words. I believe that every one of us has a story to tell because our journeys are uniquely ours, […]

By Michelle Felix Posted in Non-fiction on May 31, 2021 2 min read Continue reading

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