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The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious

An insight into how your subconscious works and how it affects your everyday life

Book Summary The conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind has been defined and expounded on providing readers with the knowledge to differentiate between the three. The book acknowledges that these three parts of the mind are often confused and misinterpreted by people who have limited understanding of the matter. “The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious” contrasts […]

By Delia Keane Posted in Non-fiction on July 13, 2020 8 min read Continue reading
The 5000th Baby

A Parent's Perspective and Journey through the First Year of Life

Chapter 24: The Road Trip Getting through New York was as you would expect it to be – very busy and soon after, we were cruising through the long narrow state of Pennsylvania. Harkamal and I talked for the first half hour or so, then we just let music on the radio or some Punjabi […]

By Devesh Dahale Posted in Non-fiction on July 7, 2020 11 min read Continue reading
Rejuvenate Aging Eyes: The Miracle of PIE

Latest technology to eliminate glasses and contact lenses from your life

Introduction Every few decades there is a tsunami in vision care technology. In the seventies it was the intraocular implantable lenses, which freed patients who underwent cataract surgery from wearing thick glasses with various shortcomings. In the nineties we saw the advent of Lasik eye surgery which has become a household name. Now the first […]

By Rajesh Khanna Posted in Non-fiction on June 29, 2020 13 min read Continue reading
Panorama: The Missing Chapter

From the Memoir Views from the Cockpit

I found myself in a local bar called Panorama, skimming through my work contract. I contemplated my ability to continue this working abroad disaster and considered walking away from a large end-of-contract payment, or perhaps I was simply waiting for an explanation from “God” about why everything falls apart. I read the pages over and […]

By Ross Victory Posted in Non-fiction on June 28, 2020 7 min read Continue reading
Sandwich Spanish IS Painless Spanish: No Grammar-No Rules

With a strong foundation in Spanish , you will then be able to move on and improve your level of Spanish

My Story Unexpected Journey to Becoming Bilingual I think it was destiny for me to become bilingual in Spanish and English. I grew up hearing Arabic, the language of my parents, close relatives, and the numerous families that came from our village and settled in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Hearing the language daily and singing Arabic and Aramaic […]

By Carol Ann George PhD Posted in Non-fiction on June 26, 2020 11 min read Continue reading
Hair Transplant Real: Revealing the Illusion

Uncover the secrets of the hair transplant industry.

Chapter 1 Introduction It has taken me 35 years to write this book. That is the power that shame can have over a person. Regardless of the origins of shame, in many ways, it can keep you locked in a box that you fear leaving. We can see that shame and its effects daily in […]

By Michael Petrus Posted in Non-fiction on June 17, 2020 8 min read Continue reading
The New CBT

Clinical Evolutionary Psychology

Psychotherapy, and the science supporting it, is primarily a province in the realm of psychology, a professional discipline with many components. An unfortunate consequence of psychology’s many subfields is the common tendency for many to give only cursory attention to advancements in their sister disciplines. One such advancement has been the integration of psychological, evolutionary […]

By Dr. Mike Abrams Posted in Non-fiction on June 16, 2020 5 min read Continue reading
Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills is a comprehensive guide written to teach readers the strategic and purposeful way of communicating with others

Introduction How to Use This Workbook How This Workbook Is Organized This workbook comes in eight chapters. Each chapter covers its own topic though one chapter builds on previous ones. Before attending the Assertive Communication Skill Workshop, it is important that you read from here (page 13) through the feedback chapter ending on page 157. […]

By John Nielsen Posted in Non-fiction on June 15, 2020 6 min read Continue reading
Codex of Fallen Angel Offspring: Why the Sons of Seth Doctrine Is False

Would you like to recover the hidden truth of past?

I. Introduction What is the threat of you ‘mowing that angels mated with humans, and m modified nearly all of “pre-flood” creation? What is the threat of you not knowing and understanding this? If you do not know you have no context to understand what has really happened on the earth, who the enemies of […]

By TKW Posted in Non-fiction on June 6, 2020 2 min read Continue reading
Pandemic Aftermath: How Coronavirus Changes Global Society

How our life will change after Covid-19?

Chapter 4. Scenario I: The borderless world In this scenario, we consider what it would look like if world leaders were able to make massive progress in science and technology, fully implement globalization, as well as solidarity and implementation strategies to fix the weakest links (e.g., health systems in Africa). But the trade-offs are not […]

By Trond Undheim Posted in Non-fiction on May 28, 2020 17 min read Continue reading
Learn Linux Quickly

A Friendly Guide to Easily Master the World's Most Powerful Operating System

Introduction Learn Linux Quickly, 1st Edition was written over the course of two years, from May 2018 to May 2020. This book implements a modern approach to learning Linux, and you will most definitely get to appreciate its uniqueness and friendly tone. About the Author Ahmed Alkabary is a professional Linux/UNIX system administrator working at […]

By Ahmed Alkabary Posted in Non-fiction on May 27, 2020 13 min read Continue reading
How to Cope: Parenting a Child with Special Needs

How to care of a child with a disability?

“As parents of children with special needs we don’t have the power to make life ‘fair’, but we do have the power to make life joyful.” ~Anonymous REFLECTIONS Oh Mommy, where art thou? Ever wondered where the “mommy” role ends and you, the person, an individual in your own right, begin? Are the two even separable? […]

By Christine E. Staple Ebanks Posted in Non-fiction on May 23, 2020 9 min read Continue reading
Make One Sound

A Spiritual Message to the World

People write books, plays, and movies because they are inspired to do so, or feel they have something to say that more than a few people need to hear. Those books, plays, and movies can go to places and reach people that they could never reach. The most excellent evangelistic tool we can use to […]

By Michael Collins Posted in Non-fiction on May 10, 2020 5 min read Continue reading
From Sit to Gundog

A Practical Guide to Help Train the Next Family Companion

Part 1 Few Words about Dog Ownership Don’t look into a puppy’s eyes too long; if you do, you’ll be hooked for life. —Steven B Reider Dog ownership is one of the greatest joys of life, but with it comes a price which I have coined “the big three” of dog ownership. They are a […]

By Steven B. Reider Posted in Non-fiction on May 3, 2020 15 min read Continue reading
Education in the Digital Age

How We Get There

Chapter 18 | The Value of Choice The difference between theory and practice tends to be very small in theory, but in practice it is very large indeed. — Anonymous We explored the field of finance where greed drives policy because elements of finance give us a first peek into changes that are coming to […]

By Nadav Zeimer Posted in Non-fiction on April 28, 2020 21 min read Continue reading

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