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Forever a Gentleman
Being a Gentleman never goes out of style!
By Duta Constantin Posted in Non-fiction 3 min read
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Forever a Gentleman

by Duta Constantin

I’m talking to you, the kind of man so often encountered nowadays. You, who think you  deserve  everything  just  for  the  fact  that  you  are  a  man.  You,  who think that  having a lot of bought women, makes you more important than the “fools” who are not happy with this and choose to conquer them. You, who think that talking a lot and pointless you can impress someone. You, who take the woman as a fad, you treat it like a toy, then you say “all women are the same.” I can tell you it`s not like that. Every woman is the mirror of her man. Are you a real man to claim that she is a true lady?

I’m talking to you, who, if you cannot conquer a woman, you sling mud in her. My dear,  by  this  you  do  not  become  a  man,  even  worse, you really degrade yourself  and show your dirty character.

I’m talking to you, the man who always messes up on clothing and behavior. You, who  always  mix  completely  useless  different  clothes  kept  out  of  any  logic.  You,  who get to wear ”the eternal tracksuit” even at evening dates. Or the famous jeans at  the  gym.  My  friend,  don`t  get  me  wrong,  I  have  nothing  to  do  with  your  sportswear or with anything else, but each of it has its place. Not how you mix them.

I’m talking to you, who every single time you go out, you use a whole bottle of expensive or cheap perfume, this is less important, just to let the neighbours know that you’re out. You, who get filled with useless accessories just to get the attention and wear pants which let the underwear to be seen, giving off vulgarity. Understand my friend that through this you will never impress a respectable lady. A lady will always appreciate the good taste and elegance, not the vulgarity and the childish excess displayed by you.

I`m talking to you, who stay online every day, writing text messages, as if you have fallen  asleep  on  the  keyboard,  trying  to  win  different  half  naked  women,  texting  messages which are understood just by you. For whom the quality of a woman is represented only by the breast size and the thickness of the makeup.

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