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From The Cartel to the Evangelist
An Inspiration Christian Non-Fiction
By J. King Posted in Non-fiction 6 min read
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From The Cartel to the Evangelist

by J. King

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My Life

The peace of the Lord bless their lives and their families. My name is Juan Gabriel Cruz Garcia. I decided to change the second surname of Garcia by the kings. Before explaining why my change, I will summarize my family life; and later, I shall go. I was born in the first of November 1986 in the beautiful city of Caguas, Puerto Rico. I was raised in the village of reeds. I have nine siblings, namely, Tania, Yazmin, Jesica, Jaqueline, Alex, Cano, Javier, Jan Carlos, Juan Carlos. My mother is Julia Ester and my father is Juan Carlos.

To deepen the theme, my family came from a humble class. My mother was trying to give us the necessary, but because there is a lot of us, the luxuries were not possible to none. My father is not the father of all my siblings. Alex, Cano, and Javier are the sons of the first couple of my Pope, Jesica and Yazmin of the second pair of my breast, and Tania, Jaqueline, Jan Carlo, Juan Carlos, and I the sons and daughters of father and mother. My family, like many, is dysfunctional, from the very small note of the separation that exists between its members. Each one has a life and a path. In my childhood and why not say ignorance, I thought that my family was the best. I felt very happy to be part of it. As time passed, I continued to grow and see many differences and strange actions in my home. My mother is a Christian, moving so our faith toward our God.

When my mother knows my father, she pratique that he felt in his heart a joy and ruborizo when their eyes crossed. There came a time in which she was encariñanzo with how he treated her, until she fell in love. A day while he was in the church praying and giving thanks for the happiness which at that time was to be in love with my father, my mother listened to a biblical quote, where God told him that my father was not the couple that he had prepared for it. My mom as expected did not liked and is outraged by the mandate of God according to that relationship, reneging on comments and tips that other offered to him. My dear grandmother Ana Maria, who masters appreciation and respect as a mother, and my dear grandfather Ramón had told him that he was not a good man for her. My mother did not want to see the error but remember that in the Bible, Proverbs 14:12 says, “There are some roads that man seem right but its end is death.”

When you spoke of death, it has two types: the spiritual death and death channel, which is physical. But my mother hear the voice of God and decided to go with my father. But his happiness hard very little, my father change the details, the kindness, respect, education, love; for scolding, shouting abuse, beatings, infidelities, enclosures, in order; my mother had given an account of the consequences that has a bad decision. Unfortunately, that would not be the worst that would live my family.

Little time step when the real punishment for disobeying calleza in my mother. Without apparent medical reason, she was paralyzed without the ability to move and confined to a wheelchair, where travel to the hospital would be frequent. The legs at home increased because my brothers were still small. Not counting moral support, economic or spiritual, from my father, her anguish was increasingly near, like the debts.

I am going to give you an example because we have to do the will of God so that we do not come to something worse. The Bible says and records it in the book of Numbers 12:1 to 6.

Numbers 12:1-6 said, “Do only by Moses spoke Jehovah? Did you not also spoken for us? And Jehovah heard it.”

When Moses was married, he had not laws for the people of God as there are now, since he was organizing his people. There was a man more gentle than Moses. Remember what happened with the golden calf? What was the reaction of Moses?

When it comes to the honor of God, no one is more gentle than Moses.

Moses was so bold as a lion in the things of God and so meek as a lamb in its own cause. Sometimes, the viciousness of our friends is for our meekness and is to teach us.

God called Moses, and Miriam and Aaron pulled out of the camp to ask account. The Lord defended to Moses, saying that no one was more faithful than him in all his house.

Moses had taken a position with God as no other prophet had. The other prophets talked to them indirectly in visions or dreams but spoke with him face to face, without intermediaries.

Although Aaron was the high priest and Mary was the leader of the prophets of Israel, you could not expect the same level of Moses or to compete against him as rivals. Aaron and Mary insulted Moses who was the most faithful in the house of God. The anger of Jehovah was kindled against them and drove away. Taught him sufficiency to leave and allowed no excuses, no I leave to speak or explain simply gone was. Then, by punishment of their rebellion, Mary contracted leprosy and the punishment of Aaron was to see his sister sick and isolated.

If God departs from us is the surest sign and sad of their displeasure, he is not far from us. We are his sons who what ayentamos through sin and our foolishness.

“Your language unclean was punished with a face unclean. While Moses needed a veil to cover the glory in his face, Mary had to use the veil to cover his shame.”

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