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Infinit. The last bridge of Sam.
An Adventure Fantasy
By Mariia Nova Posted in Fiction 4 min read
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Infinit. The last bridge of Sam.

by Mariia Nova

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The Leader of Infinit Zoak and the “Golden Rose” faction – Liara was forty-eight years old, her eyes were green and she had a pale complexion. She wore an orange coat and an emerald necklace that shined brightly. Her waist-length, brown hair was in a single braid tied with a thick blue ribbon covered in multi-colored stones that decorated every strand. The light reflected from each stone creating the aura of a rainbow around Liara. These stones were magical and helped Liara protect all beings on her Infinit; whoever was in danger. the stones would spread a protective shield visible only to Liara. Nobody could cross the barrier, and if they tried, they simply bumped into an invisible wall.

The golden leaves cracked under the man’s boots. Her son – John, the man who found Sam’s drawings in the yellow tent under the bridge, followed her. He had the same light-green eyes and short hair. He was muscular and very tall. John touched the leaves of the tree, smelling the air and then closed his eyes.

“Did you see your father -King Rum, son?” Liara walked further ahead sensing her son behind her.

“Yes.” John trailed her.

Liara stopped and turned to him smiling, touching his cheek with her hand.

“Mother.” He bowed, greeting Liara.

Liara kissed his forehead and they proceeded to walk to the meadow. Liara sat on the grass, peacefully looking at her son trying to read his emotions. His handsome, strong features reflected his inner worry; he was focusing on something deep within his mind.

“Sit, dear.” Liara pointed to the grass beside her and John joined her.

“I miss seeing you and father together.” He looked out at the trees in front of him.

“John, love is not always about being together. For your father and me, love is the acceptance of our own purpose. Respecting each other’s choices is what is ultimately the most important – keeping our love and letting it grow no matter what happens in our lives.” She looked at her son.

“Why did you not choose to stay together simply for the sake of love? Or for me? Am I not enough for you to stay together?” He took a small stone in his hand and threw it deep into the forest.

Liara felt his sadness. She leaned over and kissed him on his forehead.

“We share the love of our purpose – we each lead people on our Infinits, that is what has made us who we are now.

“Our choices are made with love and acceptance.” She took his face in her hands and looked into his eyes. “Your father is committed to his highest purpose to lead the people on Infinit Emite. They need him.” She looked into John’s eyes.

“And you think I do not need him?” His eyes were full of pain and he squeezed another stone he had picked up from the ground.

“John.” Liara’s look became more serious.

“One day, will I have to make choices too?”  John continued trying to mask the pain.

“Only if you want to.” She smiled at John and continued – “And you know, your father will indeed take off the crown if you or I ask him to. He is the king because of your choice to allow him to be who he is. Deep in your heart, you know he belongs there, as you belong here.”  She placed her hand on his chest.

John kept silent, looking in front of him for a moment, then back at his mother who gently removed her hand.  He knew inside himself that he would never ask his father to leave the throne, or ask his mother to leave Infinit Zoak. This gave him an understanding, deep in his heart, of the higher love that his parents shared, which he could not deny. Sitting still and looking at his mother’s hands he took them in his.

“I am sorry, mother.” He kissed her hands.

“Don’t let those thoughts take control of your heart. You know the truth. Look inside of yourself, John.” Liara hugged her son and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“I know. I will never again let my thoughts separate us and build a wall between us.” John protectively hugged his mother back, covering her with his strong arms.

“No more doubts, okay?” She looked into his eyes holding his face with her hands.

“Never.” His voice was strong, concerned.

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