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No Karate in the Potty
A Humorous Children's Toilet Training Book
By Salvatore Mautone Posted in Fiction 1 min read
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No Karate in the Potty

by Salvatore Mautone

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No Karate in the Potty is a humorous story about a big sister who attempts to help her younger brother learn how to use the bathroom. However, a misbehaving ninja interrupts the potty training session with high-flying karate kicks and ninja stars. With a little help from the pet bird, the sister disposes of the ninja in a rather creative way.

Packed with humor, this alternative take on a potty training book is enjoyable for both parents and their children. No Karate in the Potty includes practical potty training advice such as seeking out a parents help and good hand washing habits. However, No Karate in the Potty is not an instruction manual but rather a fun and humorous potty training story that helps kids get excited about using the bathroom.

“Now its time to wash our hands use warm water and lots of soap, plenty scrub them slowly and count to twenty”

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