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Pathways To Tremendous Success
A Weekly Devotional
By Denise Turney Posted in Non-fiction 7 min read
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Pathways To Tremendous Success

by Denise Turney

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There is no better time to start designing a remarkable life for yourself than right now.

Week 1 – Identify and Remember Your Primary Goal

Your primary goal takes precedence over all other aims that you have. This goal will remain unchanged throughout your physical experience. Set a goal that aligns with your core values and your core beliefs.

As an example, my primary goal is to awaken and be one with Source. Every other aim that I pursue, from writing novels and non-fiction books to sharing educational and motivational insights via public speaking, remains within the scope of my primary goal. It impacts what I write and publish, say and do.

If you’re like me, you may see your sub-goals (goals beneath your primary goal) change. Experiences, life adjustments and resource shifts could find you resetting or altering any or all of your other goals. But, your primary goal should remain unchanged. It works like a driver.

Consider praying and asking Source what your primary goal is. Another way to state this is to ask what your purpose for being in the world is. Other techniques that you could use to discover your primary goal are to meditate, spend time in nature, get enough sleep to allow messages from your preconscious to surface into your conscious mind via a dream, prompting or a vision. Also, stay flexible and engage in your passions (these are activities that cause you to experience peace and joy). The longer you do what you love, the more you could stir up an “aha!” moment from within yourself.

Take your time with this. Give yourself at least a week to consider what your primary goal is. You may be surprised at how your primary goal serves as an anchor over the course of your physical experience.

For example, Jesus, the Christ, knew what his primary goal in this world was. He never forgot his primary goal. He never let any other experience turn him away from that primary goal. As a tip, whatever your primary goal is, make sure that it is rooted in love.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

Week 2 – Gaining Clarity

It’s critical that you gain clarity about your value, your limitless worth. You need to know that your value will never be altered. Furthermore, you need to know that your value is beyond words. You are priceless. It’s also important that you get clear about what you want and why you want what you want.

Although it may have escaped your awareness, your entire life, you have been doing this. You have been allowing yourself to only receive the good that you believe you deserve. The value that you place on yourself influences everything in your life – everything.

So, get clear about your worth. Don’t rush this process. If you do, you could find yourself revisiting this decades from now, after you have experienced challenges.

To gain clarity about your value, read scriptures that focus on what the Creator says about you. Observe how nature serves you with water, food, air and wonder. Consider that your value is limitless. Actually sit still and consider this.

To gain clarity about a goal that you’re interested in pursuing, write down what you want to gain guidance about. Be specific. For example, if you’re interested in operating a downtown café and want to know what to do to achieve the goal, write that at the top of a blank sheet of paper.

Sit still for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and again for 5 to 10 minutes at night. Look at what you wrote that you want to gain guidance about. Then, sit still and become aware of thoughts that surface. Do this for several days, until clear guidance reaches your conscious mind.

Regarding the goal to operate a downtown café, ideas to conduct market research on the best locations to operate a restaurant, rates for top cooks and where to find bamboo furniture might surface. Later, you could get ideas related to lunch menu food items and short order food pricing.

As a tip, a spiral notebook might be best, as a myriad of thoughts could surface during this process. You can also use this book to write down ideas that pop into your mind. The important thing is to get these thoughts down as they could prove helpful over the coming days, weeks and years.

“Clarity invites passion, purpose and empowerment into your life.”

Author Denise Turney

Week 3 – Practice Appreciation

Appreciation is sun rays in a good life. When I was a kid, my paternal grandmother encouraged me to practice appreciation. “Be grateful,” she’d tell me. Years later, I would learn that practicing appreciation is a way to focus on the good in life.

Fortunately, I did practice appreciation. But, I started to add beliefs to it that would later leave me feeling less than good. Those beliefs came through religious routines. Before long, instead of feeling sincere appreciation, I started to feel as if I had to be grateful. On top of that, I told myself that if I didn’t express gratitude, God would take things I liked away from me, as if punishing me.

What was the outcome?

Instead of waking with appreciation, I started waking up thinking “do I have to do this all over again”. Life itself, for me, started to feel like running on a hamster wheel. Each day started to hold similar experiences. Repeating life experiences day after day is not a way to experience appreciation, at least not for me.

At the worst, after years of not practicing appreciation, I entered a period where I didn’t hear birds signing and I could swear that I not once saw a butterfly. Then, one day, I lifted my hands and called out “thank you” to Source. What a good experience!

That was about 15 years ago. Ever since, I have raised my hands and said, “thank you” as soon as I waken and get out of bed. I am committed to practicing sincere appreciation. Goodness knows what hardships that one appreciation practice has kept me away from. I can only imagine the blessings that practicing appreciation has brought and continues to bring into my life.

Here are some ways that you could practice appreciation each day:

  • Write down five blessings that you’ve experienced in a journal. Use your laptop or computer if you’re interested in saving time. Just remember that writing may stimulate the parietal lobe in the brain. Keep your appreciation journals. They can prove beneficial years later, especially should you go through a challenge.
  • Lift your hands in the morning and at night and say “thank you”. Simply say “thank you”. See if this doesn’t leave you feeling better than waking and saying something like “do I have to do this again?” Or “ugh, another trying day”.
  • Engage in at least three daily activities that you enjoy. These are activities that find you feeling warm, happy, cared for and valued.
  • Get outdoors in nature. You might be surprised at how being outdoors in natural sunlight balances and shifts your mood.
  • Write an appreciation letter to people who fill your life with goodness.
  • Create a poem about a hobby, talent or skill that you love and appreciate engaging in.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Philippians 4:6

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