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Religion, the Real Matrix
African spirituality from a metaphysical viewpoint
By Heru Ifagbemi Posted in Non-fiction 20 min read
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Religion, the Real Matrix

by Heru Ifagbemi


This is a book about spirituality, particularly African spirituality. The premise and thesis is African but I invite ALL to read to appreciate spirituality from an African perspective. Knowing this from the outset, some may read the book and think of me as biased in some of my conclusions; it is impossible to be human and not have some biases in your thinking. When it comes to spirituality, I will try and impress as much as possible, to the point of being redundant, that all spirituality is subjective, but at the same time it must have clarity and have some logical sense on a personal level. Too many times, I have read books or listened to speakers and they attempt to be so esoteric that they lose the reader. True wisdom is to find a balance where you can keep the interest of the sage but not speak over the heads of the masses.

On a personal level, I grew up in the church for the first 20 years of my life then joined the military and there got exposed to other forms of religion. I didn’t know what I wanted to study but I knew I wanted to leave the church. So, a brother gave me a cassette tape by a man named Dr. York of the Ansaar community. It was about Islam and the greatness of Black people and also spaceships. It was all different and new to me, which attracted me to it. I immediately left Christianity and began studying Islam under the teachings of Dr. York. The more I read, the more references I found to Elijah Muhammad, so I said to myself, “Well, let me find out about this man, Elijah Muhammad.” This led me to the Nation of Islam, which led me to Malcolm X.

As a Christian, all I knew was Martin King; when I finally heard Malcolm speak for the first time, I thought, any man who could speak like that in 1960—I wanted his religion. So I got every book about Malcolm that I could find and read them cover to cover. I fell in love with Malcolm and became a Muslim but under no leadership, just studying Islam. A brother gave me a tape by Minister Farrakhan, which gave me mixed feelings about the Nation of Islam because I still loved Malcolm.

I left the military and went to South Carolina to join my fiancée at the time, who told me about a NOI (Nation of Islam) meeting on the military base. I met two brothers who ran the meetings but eventually got deployed to another duty station and asked me to take over. The class grew from 10 to almost 80 students, which became a threat to the other religious classes, so I was told to leave the base because I was teaching hate.

I joined the Nation of Islam mosque in Savannah, GA, where I became the assistant minister. As assistant minister, I taught Islam at a federal prison in Reidsville, GA, and at a local jail in Beaufort, SC. I loved Islam and gave all of myself to it, but a little brother named Llaila Afrika, who taught African spirituality from a dietary perspective, would drop seeds for me when I would come by with the Nation of Islam newspaper called The Final Call. He would teach me little things about African spirituality that soon sprouted when he gave me a book called, Destruction of a Black Civilization, by Chancellor Williams. That was the nail in the coffin for my days of Islam.

In the book, I read how the Arabs were even more brutal than the Europeans and how they practiced slavery 1000 years before the European did. When I learned that, I asked myself: How can you criticize Christianity for slavery and not Islam when the Arabs were more brutal and did it 1000 years earlier? That was the moment I left Islam and picked brother Llaila Afrika’s mind for as much as I could. This story is my journey from religion to African spirituality . . . hope you enjoy.



Mythology is what our ancestors used as a form of spirituality in antiquity. The ancients knew the power of mythology was the ability to extract the deeper meaning from mythology to empower the self. When the Caucasians arrived among the Africans, the Caucasians were—and still are—void of spirituality, so they took what was supposed to be mythology and made it literal.

The beauty about mythology is there is no REAL meaning; the individual, through their OWN interpretation, comes up with their OWN meaning. In this way, it is unlike religion, where every denomination has their own version of the truth and you must follow that form or version or you can be ostracized from that particular religion. Before I go into the power of mythology, I have to explain some terms that will be used many times throughout the book, but you must have a basic understanding of the terms so that the power of mythology will resonate with you. Three words are of particular relevance: CHAKRA, PINEAL GLAND and KUNDALINI ENERGY.

There are SEVEN major CHAKRAS in the body. They start at the base of the spine, and the seventh one is called the CROWN CHAKRA and it’s at the top of the head. These are major energy centers that follow the spinal canal up to the pineal gland. In the Bible, they are secretly described as the seven candles, the seven churches, the seven trumpets and the seven seals.

Next is the word PINEAL GLAND. This is metaphysically called the MASTER GLAND. It sits in the middle of the brain, which gives you an idea of its importance. According to Dr. Llaila Afrika, it controls the rhythmicity of the body. Though we may have melanocytes in the skin, melanin is produced in the pineal gland.

Last, we come to the term KUNDALINI ENERGY. This is the rising energy that goes up the spinal canal to the pineal gland. The ancient Africans described it as being like two SNAKES on each side of a pole. In fact, the symbol of the medical caduceus is an African symbol; it was called the Staff of Djehuti. The Greeks stole the pictorial form from the African, and the European stole the form from the Greek. These are just some of the terms I will be using very frequently throughout the book so that you may follow exactly what I mean.

If we look at the first story of the Bible, we have Eve having a conversation with a snake. Now any damn fool with just a little bit of understanding would not believe that this literally happened but if you are a literalist Christian . . . you do. In antiquity, the snake represents the kundalini energy, a base energy that rises from the root chakra to the pineal gland. So, if Eve was having a conversation with the snake, it was her own rising consciousness. The tree the snake was on was her spinal canal—the ancient Africans called it the djed. So, Adam was content being a slave to a God who wanted him to remain IGNORANT, but Eve separated herself from him, decided to study the SELF and raise her own consciousness, which gave her the knowledge of good and evil. This, in turn, made it a problem for God, so he decided to punish them for such an act.

As you can see, it’s all about one’s interpretation, but when you look at a story that is obviously mythology, one must delve into the mythology and extract a deeper meaning from it than what is on the surface. My exegesis of the story is not the correct or ONLY interpretation, it is what I personally extracted from it; someone else will see something different.

Let’s look at another story, the story of Lott’s wife, who decided to turn and look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and was turned into a pillar of salt. Now again, this has to mean something else and not the obvious. An intelligent person can’t believe that someone turned into salt just because they looked at a city in ruins. For me this means that everyone is going in one direction based on hearsay, because remember no one is allowed to look back, so you have to just believe what Lott said with no proof. But Lott’s wife had the strength to go against the crowd and do what the masses were afraid to do, and that takes strength. Also, in African mythology, when you LOOK BACK that is called Sankofa, meaning to look back and remember, to never forget your ancestors, and Lott’s wife was the ONLY one who practiced Sankofa! The Bible also mentions the term “salt of the earth,” which means its essence, its life, its goodness . . . this is what the woman represents. Let’s look at the character in the Bible called Solomon, who is supposed to be the wisest man in the book, but if you dissect the name SOL-OMON, the word SOL means sun and the word OMON comes from amen or amun, which means “hidden.”

I know in your religious sect you were taught that the word amen means “so be it,” but the African god Amun predates your so-called religious term by thousands of years . . . literally! So we get from those words the “hidden sun.”

What is the hidden sun? Nothing but the pineal gland—the pineal gland is a hidden sun. It’s covered up through ignorance, but when it is open, the individual illuminates. Thus, you see this manufactured picture of “Jesus” with a SUN always pictured behind his head; he is a fully illuminated being. I put Jesus’s name is quotes because he, along with every character in the Bible and Quran, is part of that same mythology that was taken and made literal.

Let’s now look at the word ABRAHAM. Abraham is supposed to be the father of ALL THREE religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Well, how the hell can that be possible? That would mean God is the author of confusion. Let’s break down the word AB-RA-HAM. AB means “from,” RA is the sun god, and HAM means “black”—meaning, from the Black sun god or from the Black Sun. Again, the Black Sun is the hidden sun or the pineal gland.

The point I am trying to drive home is that everything in the Bible is speaking of the SELF, but if you don’t understand that, you will give all your power and credit to a fictional character who lives in the sky or space. Even the subject of death has to be understood through the power of mythology.

Through our ignorance, we fear death. It’s natural to want to live long; longevity is desired by everyone. So, in our ignorance, we have manufactured a PLACE that we will go after death so as to make death more palatable. This place called “heaven,” where there is no more sickness, no more getting older and no more pain. You will be where your loved ones are for eternity . . . sorry, but that is called death. In death there will be no more pain, no one will get sick, and no one will get older, and when you die, where your loved ones are is where you will be also. We will all be there eventually, but this PLACE is not some damn gated community in space.

Let’s just think about this for a minute. If there was such a place, what the hell would you do for ETERNITY? Praise God? What the hell does that even mean? This again is mythology that has been taken out of place and out of context. Only death is eternal and we all have to submit to it eventually, so until that time, make THIS life worthwhile and consequential.

I have said many times in my life that religion is like bottled water; it has a label and it takes currency to engage it. Religion like bottled water—you have to go to a building in order to get it. Spirituality is live a live running creek; it’s always changing course, it’s free, but sometimes it has impurities that need to be cleansed. Spirituality is also like a tailored suit; it is only supposed to fit YOU. You can add things to YOUR suit that you saw someone else wear (meaning new knowledge or other ideas that resonate with you), but the suit should still only fit you.


We all know the story (fictional one) of Jesus and the two thieves being crucified together on the cross. Did you ever wonder why they were crucified with JESUS IN THE MIDDLE? One of the thieves turned out to be POSITIVE and the other was NEGATIVE. This shit is ALL metaphysical! Anytime you look WITHIN for salvation, it is spirituality. Anytime your salvation is OUTSIDE of the self, it is religion.

This is why African people are in such a wretched condition: we are constantly and consistently looking outside of the self and in SPACE for our help. This is why I don’t in any fashion recognize, look to or ask for assistance from any god. If I need anything, I get off my ass and go to work. If anything negative happens to me, I understand it is my OWN ignorance or I am the victim of the law of cause and effect; God does not have shit to do with it.

Sorry for that tangent; let’s get back to this cross. These two thieves, negative and positive, with Jesus in the middle are a picture of the metaphysics of the human body. They represent the STAFF OF DJEHUTI, an African deity of ancient Kemet. It is what the Europeans stole and plagiarized and made into the MEDICAL CADUCEUS. If you look at the picture there is a STAFF in the middle and TWO SNAKES on each side of the staff. They took this image and gave you Jesus and the two thieves. Jesus represents the STAFF and, of course, the two thieves the two snakes. Again, this is not OUT THERE, it is in the SELF.

The staff, or Jesus, represents the spinal canal and the two thieves represent the SYMPATHETIC and PARASYMPATHETIC nervous system. In the story, one of the thieves says to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God, why don’t you get yourself off this cross?” The negative shit. The other says to Jesus, “When I die, can I be with you in heaven?” or something along those lines but it was some positive shit. This is the polarity between the two systems: SYMPATHETIC is for action and PARASYMPATHETIC is for calming. Hopefully you can see the spirituality behind the story as opposed to a white man dying for Black sin.

When you look at the Staff of Djehuti, the medical caduceus, you will see a BALL at the top with some WINGS; again, this is INSIDE of you. This is an African symbol. It is part of the MEDU NETER or DIVINE SPEECH or HOLY WORDS presented in pictorial form to tell a more elaborate and cerebral story.

So, you have the staff and the two snakes rising to the top, where there is a BALL WITH WINGS. In ancient Kemet, the snakes represent consciousness and kundalini energy, while the BALL represents the pineal gland. African spirituality is all about an individual raising their consciousness to become a fully illuminated soul and body. When one’s consciousness rises to such a level, they take on WINGS. Their speech is elevated, their mindset is elevated, and their actions are elevated. Even what they eat is on a higher vibration. Dr. Llaila Afrika said the African has 12 cranial nerves—these are your 12 disciples—and the pineal gland when fully activated represents CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

As you read this book, I will purposely be redundant when it comes to certain things; repetition is the only way for new knowledge to resonate in the carbon, or melanin. There is a theory called “The Mother Ship.” It is about a large SPACESHIP that measures a half mile by a half mile and has 1500 baby planes inside the larger mother ship. This mythology comes out of the theology of the Nation of Islam.

Now, I say mythology, because of course no one has seen this so-called mother ship except of course the hierarchy in the Nation of Islam. I was in the Nation for nine years and never saw this ship and never met anyone in the Nation who did see such a ship. According to the ancestor Elijah Muhammad (and I have to say “ancestor” because there are people who actually believe he still lives despite being born in 1897), this SPACESHIP was made for the particular purpose of destroying America; this again is the madness of religion and why I abhor it so much.

In Christianity we are supposed to wait on a MAN coming from SPACE to save us; now, in this branch of Islam, we are to wait on a literal spaceship . . . the shit is unreal. Before I explain from a metaphysical view what a mother ship is, let me say with clarity that I am not dismissing that there could be a possibility of what we call, in layperson’s terms, a UFO; there is some good evidence to give credence to that, but what I am saying is that Elijah Muhammad is not physically alive riding shotgun in one with his teacher, Fard Muhammad, which is exactly what they teach in the Nation of Islam.

Let’s go back to the African symbol called the Staff of Djehuti. At the top, again, is the ball with wings. This is your pineal gland and when it is fully activated you take on wings . . . THIS is your MOTHER SHIP! It sits in the middle of the brain and is round like the mother ship. It is called the MASTER GLAND because it controls so many functions in the human body. This is your SPACESHIP that is going to save you. Again, you are your OWN savior; you don’t have to wait on a European in the sky or a metal soup can for your salvation. You are the space cadet, you are the real space traveler who has the ability to go where no man has gone before . . . but it will all be done with the MIND! The first law of Djehuti is ALL IS MIND!

There are many jewels in both the Bible and the Quran, but if you read these books in literal form as religious folks do, you will miss the deeper metaphysical meaning in them. Let’s talk about the story called “The Tower of Babel.” It’s about some tower that the people built in an attempt to reach God. God gets angry in this narrative and decides to destroy the tower and also CONFUSE the languages of the people so they can’t communicate and finish the tower.

Now, why would you believe this literally happened? The shit is just dumb on so many levels. I am not going to get into the madness of building a tower to God, but why in the hell is God so damn paranoid about people trying to reach him? He doesn’t want you seeing other gods, he doesn’t want you praying to other gods, now he doesn’t want you to build a tower to come to his house? Lol. Why is God so goddamn insecure?

The Tower of Babel actually represents religion itself. God caused the people to be confused through language, and due to this confusion they couldn’t reach God. Likewise, just as in the story, due to the myriad of different religions on earth, people can’t communicate, so there is no ascension in thinking. Everyone is arguing whose God is bigger and badder than the next person’s God, and this breeds confusion among the people, which will prevent them from ever reaching God.

The story of Jacob’s Ladder is yet another example. Now the Bible describes some damn ladder that reaches from the earth all the way to heaven, where Jesus is waiting at the top. This sounds like a nice little story, but you know there is no such damn ladder so this has to have a metaphysical meaning.

Let me again repeat, we ALL have to find our OWN way and my spiritual belief is not THE ONLY spiritual belief. As I see it, this Jacob’s Ladder is also the Staff of Djehuti; the ladder here represents the STAFF or the spinal canal. The part of the ladder that is touching the earth is the root chakra, and as you spiritually CLIMB the ladder, or the chakra system, you will eventually get to the pineal gland, which is that ball with wings, and guess who that represents? This is your JESUS at the TOP of the ladder, but not Jesus of the Bible . . . IT IS YOU! Christ Consciousness, a fully illuminated being . . . God in the flesh! But if you are thinking that Jesus is waiting for you at the top of a fucking ladder, you miss the whole point and premise.

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