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Our Lit

A Far Future Science Fiction Novel

Chapter 1 Almost instantly I arrived at the great halls of government. I was spotted by a dark grey lit agent carrying a thin tablet of light. He greeted and escorted me down a long hallway resplendent with wall length silver drapery displaying the symbol of Terra Aurora, an ignition ball of fire with golden […]

By LI Tchaikov Posted in Fiction on April 28, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
Grotto of Chaos: The Exploits of Clarence Griffin Book 1

A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure Series

Chapter 4 What Lurks Below Us Clarence felt himself drop as if he were on the highest roller coaster in the world. It was as if his heart was trying to move into his throat. It made him think about going down a waterslide at the local amusement park. However, this was different. It was […]

By Christopher Knox Posted in Fiction on February 22, 2021 11 min read Continue reading
Coming Back Home

The True Adventure of Mark Daniels

Chapter One Hope with Me “Get down there, boy…” Even at four years old, I heard the threat in my dad’s slurred words. He stumbled away, leaving a trail of sour breath in the air, but I knew he’d be back…most likely. If I was lucky, he’d finish the beer in his hand, his sixth […]

By Mark Daniels Posted in Non-fiction on February 12, 2021 21 min read Continue reading
A Lullaby in the Desert

An Adventurous Women's Fiction

“What way? You’re not from this place, from this life. You have no idea where you are. Where do you plan to go in this desert once you jump out with no food and no water? The only living things out there are things that want you dead.” Susan knew she was right and she […]

By Mojgan Azar Posted in Fiction on February 3, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Warriors and Monks: Pons - Abbot of Cluny

An Adventurous Historical Fiction

Chapter One Pons entered the scriptorium. For several years I have been the sacrist of the copy room to oversee the library and the monks copying the old manuscripts and Bibles. No one would question why I work late hours, but dear Lord, forgive me for my curiosity. I am again drawn to a manuscript […]

By Michael A. Ponzio Posted in Fiction on February 1, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
The Archon of Peace (Sovereign Book One)

A Fantasy Adventure Novel

CHAPTER TWO I am the shining star of Serestia. No other kingdom can outshine me. King Orbius Galerna-Lynxer   Flashback. We were running. We ran past a fancy garden and across a wide courtyard before turning right and saw a fleet of soldiers and wizards that spewed fire. Dash’s eyes turned green and conjured a […]

By Juddy Anderson C. Punzalan Posted in Fiction on January 27, 2021 11 min read Continue reading
The Czarina's Buccaneer

A Historical Adventure

Prologue Cape Coast, 1787 The royal prison was dark and reeked of piss and sewer water. Pirate captives dressed in bloody rags were being dragged into their cells by His Majesty’s soldiers, fresh from a battle that had ended on the beach in the king’s favor. The pirates would protest until what was left of […]

By Michael Regal Posted in Fiction on January 12, 2021 25 min read Continue reading
Infinit. The last bridge of Sam.

An Adventure Fantasy

CHAPTER FIVE LIARA AND JOHN. INFINIT ZOAK The Leader of Infinit Zoak and the “Golden Rose” faction – Liara was forty-eight years old, her eyes were green and she had a pale complexion. She wore an orange coat and an emerald necklace that shined brightly. Her waist-length, brown hair was in a single braid tied […]

By Mariia Nova Posted in Fiction on January 6, 2021 4 min read Continue reading
The Quest: Search for a Lost Brother

A Young Adult Fantasy Adventure Book

Prologue The battle had been raging for hours, and the king could see his fighters were getting tired. Perched on top of his old trusted mare, the king looked over the battlefield in despair. He knew that going in, there was no way he was going to win this battle, but he could not entertain […]

By Dorothy Mbori Posted in Fiction on November 27, 2020 31 min read Continue reading
Black Flag: Surviving the Scourge

A Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

CHAPTER 1 The elevator opened. Before any of them had made a step out of the elevator, there was a crazed scream. The origin of the crazed scream became apparent when an equally crazy shirtless man with a hatchet ran past the elevator. Streaks of blood could be seen across his torso. His long scraggly […]

By Dave Klapwyk Posted in Fiction on October 30, 2020 10 min read Continue reading
Ni Hao, China!

An Adventurous Children's Travel Book

Meet Gigi and Geoff. These two siblings set off on an adventure through the country of China. With the first stop in Beijing, they will take the reader all through the country. Children are introduced to historical landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven, where they celebrate the Lunar […]

By Sohan Chunduru Posted in Fiction on October 10, 2020 1 min read Continue reading
Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength

A Science Fiction Adventure Novel

Amid her meditation, something in the forest sends the hairs on the back of Atae’s neck on end. When the distinct and high-pitch zing of a hilt forming a blade flitters through the wilds and settles on Atae’s ears, panic overrides her senses. She launches to her feet and twirls around. Her eyes bounce from […]

By Kelly A Nix Posted in Fiction on June 13, 2020 11 min read Continue reading
Island Eyes

A Travel Adventure in Thailand.

Chapter 6 – GrungThep Bangkok City, late night. A smell like wet gas, if that’s possible. The smashed mirror of side-streets were tight and tall, voices sung from cut stone doorways, indecipherable at first. The broken system of the city that never slept showed me one of its sad sallow faces. She couldn’t have been […]

By Clem Posted in Fiction on June 2, 2020 10 min read Continue reading
Nasu Rabi (Old Bear)

A Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy

Autumn – 30 A.E. Chapter One Raiders The air was still, and Darius concentrated. The expanse of the wide meadow and the pine forest encroaching from the west faded from the edges of his vision. There was only the target: a flat, round piece of wood wedged against the trunk of one of the giant […]

By D.L. Roley Posted in Fiction on May 7, 2020 9 min read Continue reading
The Hiders In Darkness

An Action-Adventure Story: A World of Monsters

They found several patches of lee’dah along their path, and at these places took breaks in the lessons to eat and rest. The air smelled sweet with pine, and the mysterious tang-air brought healing strength to Ron’s weary limbs. He noticed even Ke’a would lean her head back, and close her eyes to breathe in […]

By Paul Kocourek Posted in Fiction on May 3, 2020 7 min read Continue reading

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