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The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons

A Superhero Action Adventure Book For Teens

Mahalia and Malcolm know that they do not belong to the typical African American family, but that doesn’t stop them from loving their family and just being kids. After their home is invaded by a masked stranger, the siblings set off on a brave and daring adventure to rescue their family. Plunged into an incredible […]

By Terance Shipman and Prudence Willims Posted in Fiction on February 1, 2022 1 min read Continue reading
The Elder Scrolls - Zaneta's Chronicles - Part Three: The Lost Mane

A Fantasy Fanfiction Series Based On Video Game The Elder Scrolls

Part Three: The Lost Mane Chapter One Deep in the mountains of Skyrim, a rickety, horse-drawn carriage flew along the bumpy road alongside one of the land’s many lakes. The rocky terrain was blanketed with scattered fir trees, pockets of snow, and the occasional river winding through the countryside. The white transport—driven by Captain Tobias—raced […]

By A. L. Zuniga Posted in Fiction on December 24, 2021 16 min read Continue reading
Season Of The Blue Star (Landscapes Of Beyond Book 1)

A Metaphysical Fantasy

Chapter 1 Journey “The past has flown away. The coming month and year do not exist; Ours only is the present’s tiny point.” –Shabistari FOR A MOMENT KYY WAS between two worlds, the seen and the unseen and lay for a time in natural great peace. Then his thoughts returned, rushing in like leaves being […]

By Gary Kealy Posted in Fiction on August 2, 2021 28 min read Continue reading

An Adventure Thriller

A small troop came running down the tunnel now. Not all could fit into the room. Some stood outside the open door, some inside. The few inside hurried about, setting up the video camera on one side of the room while a man with a large, broad sword went about sharpening his blade. Another rolled […]

By Jim Warner Posted in Fiction on July 25, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Outbreak (The Dark Days Series Book 1)

A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller

Chapter 1 I woke up on a Saturday morning with a yawn and rubbed my eyes. I gazed at all my cool posters in my room – Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Legend of Korra, all my favorite shows. My teddy bear sat upright against in the corner with my pillows. As I got up […]

By Christopher Cole Posted in Fiction on July 23, 2021 36 min read Continue reading
Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book 2)

A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller

Chapter 1 Sonny As I sat hidden in the brush underneath a tree cooling in the shade, I looked at my wristwatch, it was 1:30pm. I wound it again. The watch was still in good shape, despite everything that had happened – military design I suppose. This watch was clearly built to last, water and […]

By Christopher Cole Posted in Fiction on July 18, 2021 40 min read Continue reading
Fairy 'Fro: Floats with Flows

New Adult African-American Superhero Fiction

Introduction They call me Fairy ’Fro with the flow You know, I’m not slow but fast as a ball swished in a basket No caskets, no askin’ for a man to tell what happened How I got the hairstyle putting criminals in piles It’s my style with a pow from my fist hard as bricks […]

By Keith J. Beasley Posted in Fiction on June 19, 2021 17 min read Continue reading
Badgerblood: Awakening

YA Action & Adventure Fantasy

Chapter 1 Kor knelt in mulberry-colored ferns, squinting to see his target clearly. The stag’s rich russet coat blended in with the massive borwood tree behind it. A grin touched the corners of the young man’s mouth. Easy, he thought, nocking an arrow to his bowstring and drawing back. It was a masterful shot…in any […]

By S.C. Monson Posted in Fiction on June 18, 2021 8 min read Continue reading
Our Lit

A Far Future Science Fiction Novel

Chapter 1 Almost instantly I arrived at the great halls of government. I was spotted by a dark grey lit agent carrying a thin tablet of light. He greeted and escorted me down a long hallway resplendent with wall length silver drapery displaying the symbol of Terra Aurora, an ignition ball of fire with golden […]

By LI Tchaikov Posted in Fiction on April 28, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
Grotto of Chaos: The Exploits of Clarence Griffin Book 1

A Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure Series

Chapter 4 What Lurks Below Us Clarence felt himself drop as if he were on the highest roller coaster in the world. It was as if his heart was trying to move into his throat. It made him think about going down a waterslide at the local amusement park. However, this was different. It was […]

By Christopher Knox Posted in Fiction on February 22, 2021 11 min read Continue reading
Coming Back Home

The True Adventure of Mark Daniels

Chapter One Hope with Me “Get down there, boy…” Even at four years old, I heard the threat in my dad’s slurred words. He stumbled away, leaving a trail of sour breath in the air, but I knew he’d be back…most likely. If I was lucky, he’d finish the beer in his hand, his sixth […]

By Mark Daniels Posted in Non-fiction on February 12, 2021 21 min read Continue reading
A Lullaby in the Desert

An Adventurous Women's Fiction

“What way? You’re not from this place, from this life. You have no idea where you are. Where do you plan to go in this desert once you jump out with no food and no water? The only living things out there are things that want you dead.” Susan knew she was right and she […]

By Mojgan Azar Posted in Fiction on February 3, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Warriors and Monks: Pons - Abbot of Cluny

An Adventurous Historical Fiction

Chapter One Pons entered the scriptorium. For several years I have been the sacrist of the copy room to oversee the library and the monks copying the old manuscripts and Bibles. No one would question why I work late hours, but dear Lord, forgive me for my curiosity. I am again drawn to a manuscript […]

By Michael A. Ponzio Posted in Fiction on February 1, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
The Archon of Peace (Sovereign Book One)

A Fantasy Adventure Novel

CHAPTER TWO I am the shining star of Serestia. No other kingdom can outshine me. King Orbius Galerna-Lynxer   Flashback. We were running. We ran past a fancy garden and across a wide courtyard before turning right and saw a fleet of soldiers and wizards that spewed fire. Dash’s eyes turned green and conjured a […]

By Juddy Anderson C. Punzalan Posted in Fiction on January 27, 2021 11 min read Continue reading
The Czarina's Buccaneer

A Historical Adventure

Prologue Cape Coast, 1787 The royal prison was dark and reeked of piss and sewer water. Pirate captives dressed in bloody rags were being dragged into their cells by His Majesty’s soldiers, fresh from a battle that had ended on the beach in the king’s favor. The pirates would protest until what was left of […]

By Michael Regal Posted in Fiction on January 12, 2021 25 min read Continue reading

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