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African American Fiction
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Fairy 'Fro: Floats with Flows

New Adult African-American Superhero Fiction

Introduction They call me Fairy ’Fro with the flow You know, I’m not slow but fast as a ball swished in a basket No caskets, no askin’ for a man to tell what happened How I got the hairstyle putting criminals in piles It’s my style with a pow from my fist hard as bricks […]

By Keith J. Beasley Posted in Fiction on June 19, 2021 17 min read Continue reading
A Hope, A Trust, A Love (Olivia Franklin Series)

An African American Christian Fiction

I grabbed the back of the seat in front of me, palms moist from nervous sweat. Did they just say what I thought they said?  Were my ears playing tricks on me?  I struggled to take deep breaths, slow and easy.  It’s a good thing I was sitting down because I might have passed out.  […]

By Sharon Smalls Floyd Posted in Fiction on January 13, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
The Lebensborn Alliance

A Historical Fiction from WWII era

Chapter Seven Adok is talking to his brother Hans. Adok recalls the day he sees Nazi Colonel Otto Strauss awaken from the dead weeks after WWII ends. “Did you see the colonel awaken?” Hans asked. Adok walked up to the window and stood beside Hans. “Yes, eleven years ago. It was two days after we […]

By Joyce Yvette Davis Posted in Fiction on June 5, 2020 6 min read Continue reading
Jeska: Stories from the Plantation Book WA 1

A Historical Fiction

CHAPTER ONE Malqata was the most beautiful palace Jeska had ever set her eyes on. Never mind that, in all her five years, it was the only palace she had ever set her eyes on. Father never let her go too far without him because he never wanted her to go missing. “Stay close to […]

By Lady Dre Posted in Fiction on May 23, 2020 11 min read Continue reading

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