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Identity: The Quest for Israel’s Future

Part autobiography, part concise political treatise

There is no doubt that Israel’s current crisis highlights a considerable number of faults in the system of government in use here since the state’s inception, some of them severe. Our problem with the justice system was known early on and the appeal to write a constitution, already in the Declaration of Independence, was there […]

By Emanuel Shahaf Posted in Non-fiction on October 29, 2020 5 min read Continue reading
Don't Be Weird

A Memoir of Food and Feelings

If It Doesn’t Scar, It Doesn’t Count Day 11 Only a handful of people have ever seen me naked: the doctor who delivered me, the caregivers who bathed me, the boyfriend who waited until our sixth date to even try to hold my hand. I actively avoid exposing myself if I can — I was […]

By Bronwen Clark Posted in Non-fiction on March 4, 2020 16 min read Continue reading
Mangoes in the Rain

No one can take away your Imaginations

CHAPTER 3 Battles of the mind School was an excitement and a place of comfort for the 6yr old me. I look forward to coloring with my crayons, having storybook time, seeing my friends, and playing on the playground. It was fun! Upon getting ready for school in the morning, I always felt worried about […]

By Chinaemelum Menakaya Posted in Non-fiction on February 28, 2020 12 min read Continue reading

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