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Ultimate Personal Job Search Guide

Securing the right job is an essential element in your journey to success and purpose

RESUME PREP So far, you should have selected the best positions that fit you, reviewed the career opportunities aligned with those positions, and selected companies that match your career goals and lifestyle. You are ready to create your resume. We live in the twenty first century, and technology is becoming more advanced than ever. Resumes […]

By Day Hines Posted in Non-fiction on November 12, 2020 3 min read Continue reading
Dropshipping 101

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understand the Dropshipping Business

Introduction Thank you for choosing to read Dropshipping: The Beginner’s Guide To Passive Income Using E-commerce, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Advertising, and Instagram. Who wouldn’t want to quit their regular 9 to 5 job to start their own business? The very thought of being your own boss is quite tempting; however, it’s not uncommon to hear […]

By Frederic Gosset Posted in Non-fiction on August 6, 2020 13 min read Continue reading
Education in the Digital Age

How We Get There

Chapter 18 | The Value of Choice The difference between theory and practice tends to be very small in theory, but in practice it is very large indeed. — Anonymous We explored the field of finance where greed drives policy because elements of finance give us a first peek into changes that are coming to […]

By Nadav Zeimer Posted in Non-fiction on April 28, 2020 21 min read Continue reading
Becoming An Investor: Towards Financial Freedom

For aspiring investors seeking practical approaches to start saving, investing and building wealth

Introduction I had never thought I would be writing books about “Becoming An Investor,” let alone be the host of “The New Investor Podcast” or even be in any position to support young and new investors on their journey to Financial Freedom by documenting mine. I never thought that I would also be capable of […]

By Farah C. Jaber Posted in Non-fiction on April 17, 2020 20 min read Continue reading
The Virtual Ticket

How to Host Private Live Streams & Virtual Events

How many trillion-dollar industries are expected to double in size over the next ten years? The $1.1 trillion dollar global event industry is expected to grow to $2.33 trillion by 2026, (Allied Market Research, 2019). Analysts have been astounded by the growth in the events industry over the past decade. A new “experience economy” has […]

By Paul Richards Posted in Non-fiction on March 20, 2020 9 min read Continue reading

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