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No Karate in the Potty

A Humorous Children's Toilet Training Book

No Karate in the Potty is a humorous story about a big sister who attempts to help her younger brother learn how to use the bathroom. However, a misbehaving ninja interrupts the potty training session with high-flying karate kicks and ninja stars. With a little help from the pet bird, the sister disposes of the ninja […]

By Salvatore Mautone Posted in Fiction on March 30, 2021 1 min read Continue reading
Patronel and Soriela

A Children's Fantasy Chapter Book

THE BETRAYAL Stroe, Stere – Nose in the Wind and Three-Fingered Tristan met on a weekend day for a picnic in the spinney, north of the factory’s grounds. It was a beautiful summer day. The three were meeting to discuss their plans in private, away from the ears of everyone else in the factory. After […]

By Fanica Rarinca Posted in Fiction on November 23, 2020 4 min read Continue reading
Kay and Kai's Kaleidoscopic Adventures

Learning Nature and Science Playfully

By Brenell Ferguson-Saunders Posted in Non-fiction on November 16, 2020 1 min read Continue reading
Ni Hao, China!

An Adventurous Children's Travel Book

Meet Gigi and Geoff. These two siblings set off on an adventure through the country of China. With the first stop in Beijing, they will take the reader all through the country. Children are introduced to historical landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven, where they celebrate the Lunar […]

By Sohan Chunduru Posted in Fiction on October 10, 2020 1 min read Continue reading
The Peacock Door: Ancient Pathways and Hidden Keys Book One

A Children's Fantasy Magic Book

THE BEGINNING… It was one of those coastal towns—you know the type—charming in a coastal town sort of way and yet rugged in a coastal town sort of way, with jutting rocks and turbulent waves. And yet, when the sun was shining, and the inland waters were sparkling, it seemed crisp and fresh and alive […]

By Wanda Kay Knight Posted in Fiction on August 12, 2020 12 min read Continue reading
The Untold Stories of a Water Dragon

A Juvenile Fiction Book on a Water Dragon

Chapter One In the mystical mountains of Scotland, created millions of years ago by huge volcanic eruptions, sat a great loch, deep, dark, and icy. Those magical, almost spiritual waters, surrounded by steep hills and sloping glens, lay between two small, isolated communities. Clouds like crumpled leather drifted hauntingly over this remote land. Above this […]

By Carmen Cardashian Posted in Fiction on May 30, 2020 12 min read Continue reading
The Day My Kids Stayed Home

Explaining COVID-19 and the Corona Virus to Your Kids

By Adam M. Wallace Posted in Fiction on April 29, 2020 1 min read Continue reading
Self Roar

My First Super Affirmation Book

By Jennifer Cardona Posted in Fiction on March 2, 2020 1 min read Continue reading

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