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Covidians & Covidology

Facts, common sense and science you can understand. Not recommended for conspiracy theorists and Trumpians

3. Good Science vs. Bad Science – Where can we find reliable health information?  The majority of us nowadays google health updates, news, seeking a treatment or specialists’ recommendations in relation to nutritional, natural or medical products, diseases like Covid and its treatments, advances or medical equipment. You may receive information also over social media […]

By Dr Yasser Negm Posted in Non-fiction on October 19, 2020 8 min read Continue reading
Do We Need to Be Scared of Vaccines?

The complete guide to understanding vaccination, getting rid of fake news, strengthening the immune system and getting protected against the coronavirus.

Ghana, West Africa, July 2020: the news is welcomed with total amazement. More than 2,000 health care workers have been infected with the All New coronavirus since the pandemic broke out in the country, announces the Director General of Public Health Services1. In France, within  mid summer, a few days later, more than 260 children […]

By David Friedman Posted in Non-fiction on September 9, 2020 10 min read Continue reading
Pandemic Aftermath: How Coronavirus Changes Global Society

How our life will change after Covid-19?

Chapter 4. Scenario I: The borderless world In this scenario, we consider what it would look like if world leaders were able to make massive progress in science and technology, fully implement globalization, as well as solidarity and implementation strategies to fix the weakest links (e.g., health systems in Africa). But the trade-offs are not […]

By Trond Undheim Posted in Non-fiction on May 28, 2020 17 min read Continue reading

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