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Covidians & Covidology

Facts, common sense and science you can understand. Not recommended for conspiracy theorists and Trumpians

3. Good Science vs. Bad Science – Where can we find reliable health information?  The majority of us nowadays google health updates, news, seeking a treatment or specialists’ recommendations in relation to nutritional, natural or medical products, diseases like Covid and its treatments, advances or medical equipment. You may receive information also over social media […]

By Dr Yasser Negm Posted in Non-fiction on October 19, 2020 8 min read Continue reading
Free Yourself From Yourself

Fail-proof Principles for Addiction Recovery

INTRODUCTION I lived trapped in active addiction for more than twenty-five years of my life. For much of that time, I didn’t realize I was caught up in the grip of what I now know as “active addiction.” For many years, I was a functional addict; however, addiction is so cunning, baffling, and powerful, for […]

By Timothy Stewart Posted in Non-fiction on September 18, 2020 9 min read Continue reading
Keto Diet Hypnosis

Rewire Your Brain. The Secret to Lose Weight Fast, Eat Healthy and Stop Food Addiction with Natural Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis. NLP... Hypnosis Session

Excerpt from the audiobook Why You Over-Eat and Struggle to Lose Weight We’ll start by dealing with the reasons behind why you over-eat and struggle to lose weight. When you become aware of situations, habits and compulsions that lead to over-eating you can start to make changes to alter those behaviours forever. Our focus will […]

By Alternative Medicine and Hypnosis Management Academy Posted in Non-fiction on September 8, 2020 17 min read Continue reading
Rejuvenate Aging Eyes: The Miracle of PIE

Latest technology to eliminate glasses and contact lenses from your life

Introduction Every few decades there is a tsunami in vision care technology. In the seventies it was the intraocular implantable lenses, which freed patients who underwent cataract surgery from wearing thick glasses with various shortcomings. In the nineties we saw the advent of Lasik eye surgery which has become a household name. Now the first […]

By Rajesh Khanna Posted in Non-fiction on June 29, 2020 13 min read Continue reading
Hair Transplant Real: Revealing the Illusion

Uncover the secrets of the hair transplant industry.

Chapter 1 Introduction It has taken me 35 years to write this book. That is the power that shame can have over a person. Regardless of the origins of shame, in many ways, it can keep you locked in a box that you fear leaving. We can see that shame and its effects daily in […]

By Michael Petrus Posted in Non-fiction on June 17, 2020 8 min read Continue reading

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