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Villa Sans Souci

A Victorian Era Historical Fiction

CHAPTER FOURTEEN 1856, Balmoral When they arrived in the port of Dover, it was crowded with ships, some of which needed repairs. The area smelled strongly of sulphur from the smelting activities. A coachman and one of the Queen’s messengers were waiting for them. On their faces, their weariness from the journey, the restless nights, […]

By Maryann Ring Spencer Posted in Fiction on February 5, 2024 11 min read Continue reading
The Queen of All The Islands: A Clash of Power and Love

A Historical Mythical Fiction

-Yes. Let me answer the previous question, regarding me and my wife. And if I assume that your Excellency is not interested in personal or intimate stories, I think that it is impossible to explain some things to a foreigner in any other way. Besides, we have time until Brad gets back. I was born […]

By Milos Petrovic Posted in Fiction on September 25, 2023 12 min read Continue reading
Warriors and Monks: Pons - Abbot of Cluny

An Adventurous Historical Fiction

Chapter One Pons entered the scriptorium. For several years I have been the sacrist of the copy room to oversee the library and the monks copying the old manuscripts and Bibles. No one would question why I work late hours, but dear Lord, forgive me for my curiosity. I am again drawn to a manuscript […]

By Michael A. Ponzio Posted in Fiction on February 1, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
The Czarina's Buccaneer

A Historical Adventure

Prologue Cape Coast, 1787 The royal prison was dark and reeked of piss and sewer water. Pirate captives dressed in bloody rags were being dragged into their cells by His Majesty’s soldiers, fresh from a battle that had ended on the beach in the king’s favor. The pirates would protest until what was left of […]

By Michael Regal Posted in Fiction on January 12, 2021 25 min read Continue reading
The Barbarian Who Stayed For Tea

A Historical Fiction set in Taiwan

Prologue The middle of the China Sea, 1885 From his position on the wet floor in the corner of the dark and dank room, the boy rubbed his blood-shot eyes and looked around him. The room resembled a medieval battlefield littered by the slain. Men and women of all backgrounds lay slumped over chairs, tables […]

By Chris Lines Posted in Fiction on June 30, 2020 7 min read Continue reading
The Lebensborn Alliance

A Historical Fiction from WWII era

Chapter Seven Adok is talking to his brother Hans. Adok recalls the day he sees Nazi Colonel Otto Strauss awaken from the dead weeks after WWII ends. “Did you see the colonel awaken?” Hans asked. Adok walked up to the window and stood beside Hans. “Yes, eleven years ago. It was two days after we […]

By Joyce Yvette Davis Posted in Fiction on June 5, 2020 6 min read Continue reading
Jeska: Stories from the Plantation Book WA 1

A Historical Fiction

CHAPTER ONE Malqata was the most beautiful palace Jeska had ever set her eyes on. Never mind that, in all her five years, it was the only palace she had ever set her eyes on. Father never let her go too far without him because he never wanted her to go missing. “Stay close to […]

By Lady Dre Posted in Fiction on May 23, 2020 11 min read Continue reading
Catherine of Liverpool

A Victorian Workhouse Tale

Part 1 Chapter 6 A Family Divided Mary bustled around the shop arranging freshly baked, warm bread and spiced buns ready for opening time in five minutes. Her shop was the most popular bakers in the area, and Mary prided herself the best window display in the town. Jimmy, her grandson, had just finished the […]

By Kathleen Boyle Posted in Fiction on April 30, 2020 18 min read Continue reading

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