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The Dawn of Unions

The Cycle of Bones Book 1

Kaith felt the impact of something massive colliding against his shield. He’d braced his shoulder, and for a wonder his position held. Blows from weapons rarely made the bones and muscles of his shield arm vibrate so completely. In more standard engagements, the largest danger came from clever strikes that forced the shield off its […]

By JP Corwyn Posted in Fiction on March 26, 2020 11 min read Continue reading
Places Where The Moon Never Shines

8 Twisted Tales

A Fork Tongued Whisper The children rushed to the glass screen and immediately smeared it with their breath and fingerprints. On the other side, a pair of pink beady eyes watched, and a flickering tongue tasted the air. Its yellow head was poised and motionless above its large coiled maze-like patterned body. “Is it even […]

By Leon Thornton Posted in Fiction on February 21, 2020 15 min read Continue reading

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