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The Fool

A Coming of Age Humourous Fiction

Chapter 44 1 in a 1,000,000. 2 for the price of 1. Dimwitted and reimbursed. What if the other side of the Moon was full of human sized tarantulas? I didn’t make the rules I just follow them. I get up early and shave my back even though I have no back hair. People stare […]

By Andrew Leake Posted in Fiction on February 8, 2021 2 min read Continue reading
To Human From Dog

An Illustrated Book For Dog Lovers

Chapter 1 Human, aka Steve, whistles to Dog. “Come here, please!” Steve, the human, says to Dog, “Are you ready to go on an adventure? Thinking of going on a little road trip to the mountains, what do you think? Do you think we should bring you along? Or shouldyou stay here and we will […]

By Rachel Loren Posted in Fiction on January 22, 2021 2 min read Continue reading
Dead Ahead

A Humour Writing

Crisp and Burns Dave Burns and Shane Crisp worked in the local crematorium. Dave was the superintendent and Shane his second in command. They were responsible for ensuring that when the hearse arrived the transition from shoulder to catafalque to cremator was seamless. You may not know what a catafalque is, so let me explain; […]

By Paul Thomas Farrell Posted in Fiction on October 7, 2020 8 min read Continue reading
Love & Pollination

A Romantic Comedy

…‘I told Saul I’d do as he asked.’ Perdita thought it best to slip that in while Luke and Gavin were distracted by the food. ‘I think,’ Luke said, ‘you need to tell us what you just said again as I don’t think I could have possibly heard right.’ ‘I didn’t hear right either,’ Gavin […]

By Mari Jane Law Posted in Fiction on July 28, 2020 11 min read Continue reading
Life is Big

A Contemporary Witty Literary Fiction

Alma-Jane I am Alma-Jane, and I am genetically happier than the average person.  I know this because 5 days ago one of the researchers at the New York City Hospital, where I go once a week, told me so. “My dear AJ,” she said, eyeing me between quick, nervous blinks, “your Genetic Happiness score is […]

By Kiki Denis Posted in Fiction on July 16, 2020 11 min read Continue reading

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