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Season Of The Blue Star (Landscapes Of Beyond Book 1)

A Metaphysical Fantasy

Chapter 1 Journey “The past has flown away. The coming month and year do not exist; Ours only is the present’s tiny point.” –Shabistari FOR A MOMENT KYY WAS between two worlds, the seen and the unseen and lay for a time in natural great peace. Then his thoughts returned, rushing in like leaves being […]

By Gary Kealy Posted in Fiction on August 2, 2021 28 min read Continue reading
Terra Nova (Book One)

A Romantic Paranormal Fiction

Chapter 2 Bambi Bambi was six years old when she arrived in Kitchener, but there’s no birth certificate or family history. There was a constant feeling of confusion in her at that time and the details of her days kept disappearing, just as the daylight had disappeared from her life. Even the details of her […]

By MtG Posted in Fiction on January 15, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Religion, the Real Matrix

African spirituality from a metaphysical viewpoint

INTRODUCTION This is a book about spirituality, particularly African spirituality. The premise and thesis is African but I invite ALL to read to appreciate spirituality from an African perspective. Knowing this from the outset, some may read the book and think of me as biased in some of my conclusions; it is impossible to be […]

By Heru Ifagbemi Posted in Non-fiction on January 7, 2021 20 min read Continue reading
The Boy Who Sailed To Spain

A literary fiction

Gibraltar Then all hell broke loose. The sirens on the destroyer started to wail, echoing loudly and eerily all across the bay, red lights flashing on and off throughout the ship. We could see her forward gun turrets move. She was huge and so frightening, a war machine, bristling with power and bearing down on […]

By Paul O'Garra Posted in Fiction on March 30, 2020 12 min read Continue reading
The Wise Society: Conjunction 

A Spiritual Space Opera

Erin takes Kate to the Conference 5. Earth – November 2625 I burst into Erin’s room in the morning of the plenary. He was in the hotel suite, getting ready for that day’s meeting. “What were you thinking?” I demanded an immediate answer without wasting time for mere courtesy of a greeting. Yet, in my […]

By A.D. Zoltan Steven N. Nagy Posted in Fiction on March 2, 2020 14 min read Continue reading

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