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I Love Sex, I Love Myself: Unmasking Sexual Depression, Healing and Winning the Battle Within. Free Yourself from Yourself, by Loving Yourself!

A Motivational Self-Help Book

ONE How to Understand a Sexually Active Person Post Sexual Trauma When someone uses threats, force, or emotional blackmail to conduct an unwanted sexual activity, they are known to be a sexual predator. Most of the time perpetrators of sexual crimes know their victims and often have earned their trust. Immediately a victim of such […]

By Lavender Jones M.D. Posted in Uncategorized on August 9, 2021 8 min read Continue reading
Eliminate Negative Energy

In All Aspect of Life

INTRODUCTION Life does not favour everyone. As many people will tell you, life is not fair. It is hard for some and easy for others. Regardless of which group we find ourselves in, we can choose to live our lives positively, use our time wisely, and avoid absorbing negative or worthless influences. Our lives have […]

By Josephine Bamidele Aiyegbeni Volkel Posted in Non-fiction on September 2, 2020 6 min read Continue reading

Permission to Pause, Live, Love and Laugh Your Way to Joy

Chapter 4 – Letting Go Throughout the years to come, I’d experience hurdle, after hurdle, just to jump over and beyond tiny dirt mountains culminated mostly from my own doing. Although I stayed away from drugs and alcohol, with the exception of a Bill Clinton style non-inhale of marijuana moment and those four glasses of […]

By Naketa Ren Thigpen Posted in Non-fiction on April 16, 2020 7 min read Continue reading

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