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Terra Nova (Book One)

A Romantic Paranormal Fiction

Chapter 2 Bambi Bambi was six years old when she arrived in Kitchener, but there’s no birth certificate or family history. There was a constant feeling of confusion in her at that time and the details of her days kept disappearing, just as the daylight had disappeared from her life. Even the details of her […]

By MtG Posted in Fiction on January 15, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Codex of Fallen Angel Offspring: Why the Sons of Seth Doctrine Is False

Would you like to recover the hidden truth of past?

I. Introduction What is the threat of you ‘mowing that angels mated with humans, and m modified nearly all of “pre-flood” creation? What is the threat of you not knowing and understanding this? If you do not know you have no context to understand what has really happened on the earth, who the enemies of […]

By TKW Posted in Non-fiction on June 6, 2020 2 min read Continue reading

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