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The Pale Girl Murders

A Psychological Thriller

CHAPTER 13: FRAMED Early that morning, Kate’s phone rung and vibrated across her nightstand so hard it fell to the floor. It didn’t wake her up—considering there was no way she was going to get any sleep for a long time—but it did scare her. The letters were blurry but she could tell it was […]

By Claus Sowalic Posted in Fiction on March 23, 2021 10 min read Continue reading

A Page-Turning Thriller About The Impact Of Years Of Psychological Bullying On One Woman

There Are a Lot of Short Fat Women Gwen waited all night for a knock on her door. She put her clothes in the washing machine and wiped her shoes down with cleaner. Just before dawn, she hopped in the shower. As she was drying herself off, Gwen took a good long look at herself […]

By E. D. Lippert Posted in Fiction on January 26, 2021 8 min read Continue reading
Miracle Uprising

A Psychological Thriller Novel

The General took a valiant role in sweeping through the land and seizing the vital areas that the Sultan had lusted for. He did all of this with a stain on his heart. His beloved wife had fallen ill and was hospitalized in a northern medical hospital. The General took his earnings back to pay […]

By Blair James Steward Posted in Fiction on August 24, 2020 9 min read Continue reading
The Cry of the Lake

A Psychological Thriller for Mystery Lovers

Death smells of macaroons. Amelie was slumped over the kitchen table, face in a plate of meringues. Spearmint-green flakes stuck to her left cheek. Her glazed irises remained fixed upon a vase of spiky dahlias, cut and arranged by Grace that very morning. Every tangerine petal was bug and blemish free; my sister was well […]

By Charlie Tyler Posted in Fiction on August 3, 2020 8 min read Continue reading

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