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The New CBT

Clinical Evolutionary Psychology

Psychotherapy, and the science supporting it, is primarily a province in the realm of psychology, a professional discipline with many components. An unfortunate consequence of psychology’s many subfields is the common tendency for many to give only cursory attention to advancements in their sister disciplines. One such advancement has been the integration of psychological, evolutionary […]

By Dr. Mike Abrams Posted in Non-fiction on June 16, 2020 5 min read Continue reading
An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Stress

An non-fiction book about stress management

By Anjana Prabhu-Paseband Posted in Non-fiction on April 9, 2020 1 min read Continue reading
Don't Be Weird

A Memoir of Food and Feelings

If It Doesn’t Scar, It Doesn’t Count Day 11 Only a handful of people have ever seen me naked: the doctor who delivered me, the caregivers who bathed me, the boyfriend who waited until our sixth date to even try to hold my hand. I actively avoid exposing myself if I can — I was […]

By Bronwen Clark Posted in Non-fiction on March 4, 2020 16 min read Continue reading
The Invisible Game

Mindset of a Winning Team

10 | Waking up as a winner Cycles of performance Our ability to perform at peak level in a given match is cyclical. Weightlifters often encounter the phenomenon wherein they have the same muscle mass, their diet and energy levels are the same, and yet their performance level is nowhere near their usual best. We […]

By A.D. Zoltan Posted in Non-fiction on February 26, 2020 13 min read Continue reading

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