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Making Marks: Musings of a Curious Mind

An Anthology of Life Stories

Why Weight I am in an abusive relationship. It is one I cannot control, and from which I cannot escape. Nor do I want to. I am aware of the damage. The endless cycle of harm, misuse and guilt. That inevitable promise of it never happening again, this will be the last time, I love […]

By Delia Pring Posted in Non-fiction on June 1, 2021 15 min read Continue reading
You are Beautiful

A woman’s guide to achieve self-contentment and inner peace

Beautiful and in Love One mystery of love is that, if a woman is in love, it makes her blooming and beautiful, but if her heart is broken, her appearance appears to be broken along with her heart, maybe it is funny, yet it is true. I think that love is the best motivation for […]

By Flores Isler Posted in Non-fiction on March 3, 2020 7 min read Continue reading

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