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Driven: A Rita Mars Thriller

An LGBTQ Action & Adventure Thriller

Chapter 1 “Rita Mars, this is a voice from your past.” “Who the hell is this?” Rita demanded. It was eleven o’clock, and the dreary end of a long day. A miserable October rain tapped on the office windows. Through the water washed glass, Baltimore’s Mitchell Court House next door was a smear of grey […]

By Valerie Webster Posted in Fiction on September 8, 2021 6 min read Continue reading
Conversational Therapy (Stories & Plays)

Psychological Thillers, Metafiction

I am just going to say this: rejection is tough to accept, tough to swallow, tougher still on unaccomplished rising stars, tough even on the toughest professionals, the risen stars, the accredited accomplished performers of stand-up comedy who to this day may still experience the occasional heckling, or booing, and feel rejection’s venomous sting. No […]

By Nick Voro Posted in Fiction on September 1, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
Don't Kill Me Because I'm Beautiful

A Near Future Psychological Suspense Thriller

MIDNIGHT RAMBLE Brooklyn drove east on Sunset Boulevard in a new, gleaming white Tesla Model S, a replacement for the red Range Rover Sport she totaled going a little too fast while a little too drunk. This earned Brooklyn a DUI, but since her blood alcohol level was below 1.5%, her license suspension only lasted a month. […]

By H. Gewirtz Posted in Fiction on August 16, 2021 11 min read Continue reading
Brock Steele Sphere

A Spy Mystery Thriller

Chapter 1 Brock hurried down the dusty tunnels of Leicester Square, stepping onto the Tube’s busy concrete platform. People were spilling out everywhere, and agonising pains thumped through his head like a revolver firing continuously at point-blank range. An announcement blasted through the Tube’s crackling intercom as a train rushed through the tunnel. Turbulence forced […]

By Alex Bloodfire Posted in Fiction on August 5, 2021 13 min read Continue reading

An Adventure Thriller

A small troop came running down the tunnel now. Not all could fit into the room. Some stood outside the open door, some inside. The few inside hurried about, setting up the video camera on one side of the room while a man with a large, broad sword went about sharpening his blade. Another rolled […]

By Jim Warner Posted in Fiction on July 25, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Outbreak (The Dark Days Series Book 1)

A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller

Chapter 1 I woke up on a Saturday morning with a yawn and rubbed my eyes. I gazed at all my cool posters in my room – Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Legend of Korra, all my favorite shows. My teddy bear sat upright against in the corner with my pillows. As I got up […]

By Christopher Cole Posted in Fiction on July 23, 2021 36 min read Continue reading
Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book 2)

A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller

Chapter 1 Sonny As I sat hidden in the brush underneath a tree cooling in the shade, I looked at my wristwatch, it was 1:30pm. I wound it again. The watch was still in good shape, despite everything that had happened – military design I suppose. This watch was clearly built to last, water and […]

By Christopher Cole Posted in Fiction on July 18, 2021 40 min read Continue reading
Crisis Deluxe: Billions at stake, one impossible choice

A Brilliant Financial Thriller With a Touch of Multicultural Romance

CHAPTER ONE THE CALL CAME THROUGH as I was finishing my first cup of coffee on a   hot morning at the beginning of January over twenty years ago. I could already feel the heat coming through the big windows of my hotel room and see the glare shining around the buildings to the east as […]

By Chris Coffman Posted in Fiction on July 9, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
Our Lit

A Far Future Science Fiction Novel

Chapter 1 Almost instantly I arrived at the great halls of government. I was spotted by a dark grey lit agent carrying a thin tablet of light. He greeted and escorted me down a long hallway resplendent with wall length silver drapery displaying the symbol of Terra Aurora, an ignition ball of fire with golden […]

By LI Tchaikov Posted in Fiction on April 28, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
The Pale Girl Murders

A Psychological Thriller

CHAPTER 13: FRAMED Early that morning, Kate’s phone rung and vibrated across her nightstand so hard it fell to the floor. It didn’t wake her up—considering there was no way she was going to get any sleep for a long time—but it did scare her. The letters were blurry but she could tell it was […]

By Claus Sowalic Posted in Fiction on March 23, 2021 10 min read Continue reading
36 Hours

A Superbly Written Crime Thriller

7:20 p.m. “Hello, sleepy head.” The voice broke through into her fog-filled mind and Brooke struggled to open her eyes completely; and keep them opened. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs that had developed, but that did no more than create a vertigo sensation, so she lie her head still and waited. It […]

By B.J. Woster Posted in Fiction on January 25, 2021 9 min read Continue reading
Scot's Honor: A Sam McKay Novel

A Crime Thriller Novel

Chapter One “EVERYONE SHUT UP AND GET DOWN! DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW!” It was Tuesday, March 12th, 2018, and the entire building of En Passant Bank was filled with the sounds of screaming. No one could have suspected when they woke up and headed to the bank in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, that […]

By K.M. Hardy Posted in Fiction on January 8, 2021 14 min read Continue reading
Indigo Lost

A Mystery Adventure Novel

ARTICLE Edward Lindstrom was comfortably seated at the desk in the corner of his room, laptop in front of him. He had been trying for several years now – unsuccessfully – to begin work on his first novel. If he was honest he had spent more time daydreaming about the bestseller he was convinced that […]

By Aleksandar Gutovic Posted in Fiction on December 15, 2020 29 min read Continue reading
Bone Flake: A Poetic Maniac

A Young Adult Superhero Thriller

Introduction From ultimate zero to hero, a former uppity negro Raised in a two-parent household with an alter ego First name Bone, last name Flake Still a Black man who can’t catch a break False accusations and corny handshakes He made a mistake Hanging with the wrong crowd, then hearing the bullet sound Lost a […]

By Keith J. Beasley Posted in Fiction on December 7, 2020 5 min read Continue reading
Murder on the Sconset Express

A Suspense Thriller Novel

CHAPTER ONE It was late in the evening at Cy’s Green Coffee Pot Restaurant and Bar on Nantucket. The tavern clock’s gold numbers glowed against its black finish. KW had swiped the bar one last time with his rag and then polished a few beer steins before climbing the rickety wooden ladder to clean and […]

By Hunter Laroche Posted in Fiction on October 13, 2020 9 min read Continue reading

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