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This Is Going To Hurt: The Truth Always Does
African American Demographic Studies
By Michael Ernest Posted in Non-fiction 9 min read
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This Is Going To Hurt: The Truth Always Does

by Michael Ernest

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We cannot cure the symptoms without acknowledging the disease.

—Tom Burrell

The journey of a Black person in the United States of America can be fruitful like a juicy peach on a hot summer day. On the flip side, it can also be cold and empty, like being at a funeral on a fall day in October. So, what exactly does this mean? We are human, right? Life happens!

Black people should be grateful and suck it up and stop complaining about slavery (often said by other races and ethnic groups).

Well, my brothers and sisters, this is a half-truth. Today, many of those Black Americans who are descendants of African American slaves are still demanding the Forty Acres and A Mule with other financial respirations that were promised to be given after the ending of the Civil War. The author of this book says to you and among the homies and sistas, “Hold yourself accountable, don’t pass the buck! Take advantage of the rights and benefits of citizenship in this so-called ‘Land of the Free,’- the United States of America.”

However, keep in mind and your position of influence the 400 plus years of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the stripping of your culture, and your native tongue in your inner and outward demeanor. Use that aggression that has been mutated into your DNA from generations ago to facilitate discussion and the advancement of knowledge and history onto your children, family, friends, and the misinformed.

Words are powerful- they lie, they reflect the truth, and they even form something between lies and truth, but mostly they lie. Black people are the people that everybody tries their lies out on.

—Hake R. Madhubuti

Without any doubt, Black people have been pimped all around the globe, up and down the 50 states of the United States of America. Dating back to when their ancestors hopped on and off the slave ships like the infamous Brookes, the model for “Tight Pack” or more viscously jettisoned like the slaves on the Zong (Zong Massacre 1781). Yes, your ancestors were forced to be chained up from neck to ankles! Forced to have sex with their best friend’s wife while the husband was forced to watch. Left devastated while witnessing their child being sold in the “Great Slave Auction,” also known as the “Weeping Time” to Master and live an entire life of bondage.

Society is a repeat offender against the Black race throughout this world. All the lifelines have been used up. The remedies or so-called movements (political, religious) have not appropriately solved the real problems of the so-called post-racial society in America. The election of President Barrack Hussein Obama of 2008 and the re-election in 2012 indicated the hate and resentfulness of how society truly felt with institutional racism and police killings of Black people increased.

Let us consider that in this day and age, with all the so-called liberations and laws throughout the United States to protect all Americans from hate crimes, there is still a manual in circulation looking to enslave Black people. The Making of a Slave was a speech made by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the state of Virginia in 1712. The sole purpose of this speech by Willie Lynch was to give a blueprint to plantation slave owners on how to destroy and separate Black Americans. Unfortunately, Lynch’s strategy was successful in demoralizing the Black man, Black woman, Black child, and their descendants (present day). Captivating their minds to bring a race fully under another’s group control both physically and psychologically.

You, the reader of this book, may have been enlightened to such information, but most Black Americans are still enslaved mentally. This masterpiece, This Is Going To Hurt – The Truth Always Does, is needed in the hands of the same Black men, Black women, Black children, and their descendants (us today) who suffered from those genocidal teachings. Read literature from the scholars who came before you to liberate your mind of centuries of captivity. Only this will kill the roots of those weeds embedded in the dark part of your history, reversing the negative misfortunes that have been done to you and your ancestors.

How much more suffering and mortification do Black Americans have to endure before moving on and escaping the systematic social engineering of the mental scars of slavery? The persistent tendencies of United States citizens (non-Black) to continue to ignore and covertly oppress Black Americans will never change. Unless the psychological and self-study of the African is taught and practiced, the oppressed and oppressor of African slavery has mutated into the offspring of each group. Both the slave master and the slave have their own unique DNA of being either the oppressor or the oppressed.

I have worked many days and nights constructing, mapping, envisioning how to create the best way to decode this curse rooted upon the Black race in America. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of my race and ancestors. We are a group of people on stolen land punishing one another that look just like each other. If you have eyes, you should be able to tell who is hurting each other in a face-to-face battle—the ones who look just like you. We style for free. Ask the Jordans, Jameses, Jacksons, and Jeffersons. We forgot about the old us (kings and queens) balling off the block for Master. This Is Going to Hurt, and this truth will, with a calculative reactive space of an adversary role.

However the facts are discussed or disputed, Black Americans have to be the sole group to strengthen the Black race character, culture, and heritage. The creation of the African slave had centuries to develop the result we currently see today of Black Americans. A race of people who have been misled, bamboozled, and deceived. The term “made in America” should be applied to all Black Americans just like a barcode on a product.

Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.

—Paulo Coelho

Your average Black American should be classified as well-intentioned but incorrect, erroneously believing that the lives they are living are correct. Determining the morality of actions that they have been instructed to do so by the oppressors, parents, grandparents, tradition, and so willfully choosing to carry them out. This includes but is not limited to spending frivolously on materialistic items, i.e., Nike Air Jordans, designers, cars, jewelry.

Accepting government assistance for decades at a time added with poor food selections passed down from the enslaved ancestors eating the scraps like swine can be interchanged dozens of times. The main message intended is lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices lead to being first place at the bottom of the social class globally.

More dangerous are the Black Americans that should be classified as the psychopaths of the Black race kamikazes with no intended purpose but their own. The drug dealer sells poison to the people, creating huge pain and substance abuse deficits. The gangbanger uses the codes of the streets (i.e., no snitching, preying off the weak and defenseless) to create a climate of fear and an environment of warfare among Black Americans state to state, coast to coast.

You gangbangers should be eradicated on sight!

You individuals consciously recognize the immoral implications of your actions and decisions and choose to continue an onslaught of nefarious atrocities.

During the unswerving time of being oppressed by the slave master, your ancestors were physically beaten, raped, castrated, and forced to accept a life of bondage. The tongue was forcibly removed out of your ancestors’ mouths for learning to read and write the English language. Later on, in history, the descendants of the slave masters, such as the Allens, Browns, Hamptons, Jacksons, Jameses, Jeffersons, Johnsons, Joneses, Kings, Washingtons, just a few common names to be placed on Black Americans of present-day corporations and banking institutions, should be bestowed with the undisputed championship title of “moral culpable.”

The gold standard of subjugation is to determine that slave masters and their descendants are the ones at fault and are to blame for the enslavement and destruction of Black civilizations globally. Yes, this is the truth, but this upcoming blanket statement is very pretentious. Today in the 21st century, the slave masters and their descendants are not the direct culprits opposing and subjugating Black people day to day with killings, kidnappings, rapes, and thefts. The moral culpability has shifted to ourselves, ultimately at fault for our commissions of harmful actions and losses to one another, bringing those results of pain to the manifestation of Black people’s reality. The oppressors are more morally culpable, but we are also currently morally culpable. Both are to blame. The matter of opinion is up for discussion but will remain at an impasse till results change. Determining this answer is opaque.

The time has come to accept the era Black Americans live in. There is an overwhelming abundance of information available at your fingertips. This truth being ignored is not an option. It’s a willful decision that Black Americans are making, and as a result of this decision, ignorance is here to stay and run amok for future generations to endure. Ignorance in this discussion should be defined as knowing even though necessary information is present because that information has been willfully refused or disregarded. Our truth is present. It’s now a mental war within our minds of receiving the presence of truth by stopping to ignore the truth. To achieve prosperity as a people, we must first address and strategize these several topics here in this book, starting with Economic Sovereignty.

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