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You are Beautiful
A woman’s guide to achieve self-contentment and inner peace
By Flores Isler Posted in Non-fiction 7 min read
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You are Beautiful

by Flores Isler

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Beautiful and in Love

One mystery of love is that, if a woman is in love, it makes her blooming and beautiful, but if her heart is broken, her appearance appears to be broken along with her heart, maybe it is funny, yet it is true. I think that love is the best motivation for any woman to be conscious that she wants to always look like the best version of herself, especially if she knows that the person she loves, might see her at any given moment. It begins during our adolescence, when we already have our crushes, we start to become conscious of our physical appearance. I remember my first crush; since he was only a neighbor, even if I was only at home, I wore my clothes as if I was going out so I can look nice whenever my ‘neighbor crush’ sees me around. But when my mother asked me, why I was wearing my ‘outside’ clothes at home? I couldn’t find a good reason to defend myself, of course, my mom should not know that I already have my first crush in the neighborhood, she might skin me alive, so, I just remained silent and sheepishly tolerated the angry reprimand of the mother hen.

Crushes will not always end up as our first love, actually, we can dedicate, to most of them, the lyrics of the song ‘I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feelings anymore…’ but what makes them unforgettable is because it is through them that we said goodbye to our girly attitude and behavior. If we already have our first crush, that’s the time that we will put our dolls and other toys aside and we start to become more ladylike. This is also the start of us becoming conscious of our own femininity and becoming aware of the fact that opposites attract. Our crushes were our first attraction to the opposite sex, but what is amusing and memorable is the fact that it was only us who knew that we had a crush over someone. The changes are happening in us, but this someone doesn’t even know that he was the cause of these changes. Mostly, the boys that we had a crush on during our younger days will never even learn about our ‘little secret’ in their whole lifetime. But thanks to them, they had brought us to the first level of womanhood.

When we grow to become mature women and fall in love, it is different from a simple crush. A mature woman’s feelings are more intense than those of a mere teenager. The changes in a woman’s appearance when she is in love reflect what she feels deep inside and since this feeling is more intense, it makes a dramatic effect on a woman’s total form. I have lots of lady friends and from my observation of them, they indeed turned more beautiful after they fell in love. It is like there is ‘magic’ inside a woman’s body that unfolds itself automatically when love strikes her heart, creating a harmonic function in her body system, making her look radiant, fresh, blooming and beautiful. It is true that even just thinking of the person you love can give you a different kind of energy, joy, satisfaction, and contentment that will have a lovely reflection on your face and the people around you will certainly notice the difference. So sometimes, one may even ask you, ‘you’re becoming beautiful, are you in love?

Love is the most powerful emotion on earth because love can make big changes in our lives, which sometimes we don’t even think possible. Love makes miraculous things happen and it can make us do crazy things that make us look stupid. To be in love is the most unforgettable moment ever that will never fade in our memory until we hold our last breath. This is one of the good things about being in love, it exudes our beauty from inside and out. Love is the greatest gift that we could receive from the person closest to our hearts and also the greatest gift that we could give to others. Thus, to love and be loved is one of the greatest fulfillments any woman could ever experience in her entire life.

But love doesn’t always bring us good things, sometimes love is the cause of the realization of our very own nightmare. Love is dangerous if not wisely controlled and handled. Love can make us possessive, jealous, selfish and sometimes love disillusions us into thinking that we have the right to take control of the lives of the people we love, thus, it becomes the reason why they can start to hate us. If love can be the source of our inner and outer beauty, it can also be the cause to make us look ugly. Ugly in the sense that we forget to take good care of ourselves when our hearts are broken or when the person we love fail us. Ugly in the sense that due to our uncontrolled love, we commit a crime, we break the law and even defy what was dictated to us by our common sense. Love, being compared to the most beautiful thing on earth, is also contrasted by the most intense and extreme emotion a person could ever possess which might be the cause for us to do bad things to ourselves or to others.

If we are wise women, we will take good care of the benefit of love in our lives. We will do what we can to keep this love always alive in our hearts. Even if we become heartbroken, even if we are hurt the most, we must always leave a certain amount of this love feeling in our hearts in order that our lives will not be totally ruined. We should see to it that there is still something for us to hang on even if we fall from the edge of the highest cliff. Even if we lose, we must make sure that we didn’t lose it all, because we had kept in some secure place in our hearts the love that should always be meant for us. This is how being beautiful and in love should be, these two should always come together so good things will continuously happen in our lives, even when we are going from one bad experience to another. I have lots of friends who became tremendously affected when they became broken-hearted. I have one friend who even cuts her hair very short when she breaks up with her boyfriend and my other friend turns to alcohol as her recourse to forget the pain in her heart. I think being heartbroken is inevitable, it is the pain we must experience in order for us to reach emotional maturity, yes, it is awful and painful to have a broken heart but we should never opt for any drastic action just because of that. I think the best thing to do is to pick up the broken pieces of our hearts and put it back together again, of course, it can never be as good as before, but at least we should try to make our lives and ourselves ‘whole’ again. Beauty and love are actually synonyms and they complement each other because they are both virtuous things created to make our lives satisfying and fulfilling, so if we never felt love and we never gave love, it certainly is very hard to feel beautiful or to reveal the beauty within us.

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